Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part XXXV

Rand is,

An exhaustive study of Chinese military sources reveals that a future Chinese air force campaign would, under most likely scenarios, seriously test the United States and its allies in a conflict, according to a new RAND Corporation study.

The study, "Shaking the Heavens and Splitting the Earth: Chinese Air Force Employment Concepts in the 21st Century," finds that China poses a serious threat if it implements the concepts described in its military publications in combination with the new capabilities it is acquiring — such as its recently unveiled stealth fighter.

"Just 10 years ago China's air force was an antiquated service equipped almost exclusively with weapons based on 1950s-era Soviet designs and operated by personnel with questionable training," said Roger Cliff, the study's lead author and a China specialist at RAND. "Today, it appears to be on its way to becoming a modern, highly capable air force for decades to come."

Don't poo poo; ponder. Where did they get this idea?
Citing research gleaned from Chinese military sources, the authors find that Chinese military analysts are focusing on developing specific, practical concepts for its air forces. For example, recognizing the superiority of potential adversaries, such as the United States, in air-to-air combat, Chinese military publications emphasize attacking an enemy air force on the ground before it can take off.
We've warned about these facts both here and on Midrats.
Other key findings:

* If the United States intervenes in a conflict between mainland China and Taiwan, it should expect attacks on its forces and facilities in the western Pacific, including those in Japan.
* U.S. forces should expect their information systems to be subjected to network intrusions or denial-of-service attacks.
* During a conflict with China, the U.S. armed forces should prepare to deal with electronic jamming on a scale larger than it has seen in any conflict since the end of the Cold War.
Varsity football folks. Get moving. History won't wait.

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