Thursday, March 31, 2011

Diversity Thursday

Can you make a career out of being obsessed with yourself and your DNA? In the Navy - sure you can.

First of all - always describe yourself with as a victim;
... from the age of 12 was raised in a single family household. His mother, a blue-collar worker, made it through economic and personal hardships to nurture and provide her two sons with a humble, but financially stable household. She always encouraged both of her sons to strive further in their education and her greatest accomplishment has been to see both her sons graduate college with engineering degrees.

(he) graduated from high school in 1992 and was the first person to attend college on his mother’s side.
You are really stretching hard there.

Of course - as you know that the Navy rewards those who have a racist .... oh, I'm sorry ... sectarian world view - make sure and focus so much of your attention on YOUR race (not your Sailors, not your Shipmates, not your Ship). I wonder if he is aware how this looks from the outside? Does he care?
(he) actively served his community through his participation in the Catholic Midshipmen Club and the Latin American Studies Club. (LASC) As the president of the LASC, he spent countless hours mentoring and guiding young Latino midshipmen ...
Not any MIDN, of course. After all - in the fleet Sailors love it when an officer focuses on other Sailors who happen to be of the same ethnicity (self-described) as they are. They love preferential treatment of others based on race, creed, color, and national origin. USNA must be very happy it teaches those superior leadership skills to its future officers.

Take it to the Fleet and then back!
(he) served as a Field Diversity Admission Counselor for the U.S. Naval Academy from 2004 – 2006. He spent long hours on and off duty to develop relationships between the Naval Academy and Hispanic Organizations and contributed numerous community service hours for the betterment of the Hispanic Community.
He as a SWO - then an INFO guy .... and with that warfare designation ....
Driven by his passion, (he) was hand selected to be the first diversity officer for the Navy Cyber Forces Domain. As the Force Wide Diversity Officer, ... in less than one year has successfully implemented the first Navy Cyber Forces holistic diversity strategy that integrates national and regional outreach, community service, mentorship, diversity training, and strategic communication in support of the Navy’s and Navy Cyber Forces Diversity Policy.

(he) has been involved in various national, regional, and local non-profit organizations. He provides opportunity where there is none and encourages men and women to excel. He also motivates his colleagues to volunteer and donate their time, as it is everyone’s responsibility to give back to their communities.
Not give back to their nation. Not back to their Navy. No, he has learned from the Navy well. Focus on your self-identified ethnicity. Act no different than a member of the KKK. Race first and always. Treat your Shipmates and Sailors differently in your action and attentions based on their race as compared to your own. What a winning attitude.

Just because this might be helpful to you taxpayers out there. Here we have a LCDR who graduated from USNA in 1997. Almost 14 years ago. In that time - it looks like he has been on Sea Duty ... 3 years. Maybe he did an IA - I don't think so. Fairly detailed CV and nothing mentioned.

So, there you go. The Navy's little corner of the Diversity Industry. Your tax dollars at work.

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