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Opposition to the USNI Ballot

In what has become an open letter, member of the USNI Board of Directors, Dr. J.P. London, has put out his marker on the subject. Hard to find daylight with this. Read it, and then continue to the bottom of the post for some other information related to this problem.
As you are aware, since last summer I have had many misgivings about the direction of our board actions.

I was skeptical about the ‘advocacy’ word going into the mission statement from the first. With the way this entire matter has been so poorly handled and presented to the USNI membership, I strongly oppose the improper course we are now following. I am also deeply concerned about the board’s flawed ‘governance’ processes.

I conducted an extensive survey, contracting 5 CNO’s, 2 SECNAV’s, 16 four star naval officers in all, and NONE supported the explicit ‘advocate’ role for USNI. We should heed their response.

We gain absolutely nothing from a word change to “Advocacy,” that justifies diminishing our image and heritage as the “independent forum” for seapower and maritime policy and service matters. This is our brand, our uniqueness.

Lastly, I believe we have been presumptuous and failed in our duty to our membership (read “shareholders”) in not properly informing them of these actions ahead of time – due care. We have not brought this matter properly to our membership for their knowledge and debate.

I further believe we have not given proper notice about this change, the ballot and the board slate.

These failings must be corrected.

In any case, I will vote against the proposed change. I should hope you will all do the same.

Always my best’

J.P. London

Dr. J. P. London
Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board
CACI International Inc
I can't add more to that. Now, on to the update on other related issue.

First of all - there is a significant problem with the ballots. I received my Naval History magazine today, and in it is a ballot. There is an opportunity to vote for/against the Board of Directors and the Editorial Board ... but nothing about a Mission Statement.

My understanding is that only the ballots included in Proceedings will have the option to vote for the Mission Statement. If memory serves me right, about 20-25% of the USNI membership gets Naval History buy not Proceedings. In essence, we have disenfranchised 20-25% of the membership. I don't think you can vote on the NH ballot, go "oops" and vote again online.

What about those of us who get both
Naval History and Proceedings and don't like gear adrift on our desk? You fill out your NH ballot and then when you get your Proceedings magazine and realize it is a different ballot .... can you then send that in too?

No, an independent entity ensures no double voting - I hope. What percentage of those
NH and Proceedings readers will also miss out on a chance to vote on the Mission Statement?

As my British friends say, this is a pile of pants. Not all votes are equal ... and as a matter of fact - a large percentage of member's are simply not given a chance to participate in one of the most critical votes in the Institute's history.

Ponder that.

A couple of more things to ponder.

1. Multiple contributer to
Proceedings and life member John Byron, CAPT USN (Ret.), has a post up on Thomas E. Ricks's blog, The Best Defense. Give it a read. Ditto YN2(SW) H. Lucien Gauthier III's post over at USNIBlog.

2. Where did this all start? Well - last summer. You can download the minutes to the board meeting 13/14 JUL 2010 here. The pull quote:
a. ITEM 4-1: Mission Committee Chairman Morgan presented recommendations from the May 2010, ad-hoc committee meeting.
ACTION: In a historic step, the Board unanimously agreed to eliminate the Preamble to the current USNI Constitution & By-Laws and amend the USNI Mission to read:
This decision will be presented to the Members in the Winter 2010 annual ballot.
ACTION: The Board requested the CEO to prepare a draft Vision statement supporting the new Mission.
What has happened since the summer that caused Board member to move towards opposition to the change is a story in itself that can be addressed later if needed. At this point though - we have the battle at hand.

BTW - I am still looking for a well thought out, and spirited defense of changing the Mission Statement. I haven't read one - any one. If this change is such a good thing, I want someone to sell me. Heck, if you want - we can even do a Midrats special on it. Point Counter-Point style
. Consider it an invitation. I am sure I can find someone of substance to take the anti-change side. I'll play moderator.
UPDATE: Galrahn smells something too and is
commenting on the open letter as well. Also over at ID, VADM Bob Dunn, USN (Ret) has a voting guide worth your time.

Those pesky by-laws ....

If you are not following the Mission Statement issue at the US Naval Institute, you should be.

We covered it last week here, MG Wilkerson, USMC (Ret) post at USNIBlog is worth a read, and Galrahn has an ongoing series worth your time at InformationDissemination.

Voting is important and I know for most organizations people simply blow it off as they don't see the value of their vote, or their ability to impact change.

I wish everyone agreed with me, but people don't. What is important though is they vote. Good people can disagree, but they need to educate themselves and act. That is what I ask you to do. I would hope that you would agree with me, and I think you will once you review the issue.

WRT the USNI Mission Statement change, those who want to change is better bring their A-game. This isn't a simple majority vote.

ARTICLE XVI Amendments to Constitution and By-Laws

Section 1. Proposed amendments to or changes in the Constitution and By-Laws must first be approved by the Board of Directors. Then, they shall be circulated to the members entitled to vote at least thirty days before the date the change becomes effective, if approved. Each such member in good standing shall be furnished a ballot on which to record his or her vote, and no amendment to or change in the Constitution and By-Laws shall be made without the favorable vote of two-thirds of the members voting.
Those who want to keep the Mission Statement - and in my opinion preserve a unique and valuable institution - then you have the wind at your back. No excuses.

Don't be complacent. Vote. Numbers matter. Send a message.

If you need motivation - follow the links above and educate yourself.

Soft power, or flaccid power?

As an already dangerous nation started to disintegrate last week, I heard it first from Charles Krauthammer - the phrase that always comes up when something nasty turns towards our people or a national interest - "where are our carriers."

I don't know about you, but I count
this as a moment of national shame last week. The world's greatest naval power, its citizens in danger and need evacuation by sea - and our answer is ....
After a two-day wait in the Tripoli harbor followed by a rough eight-hour crossing, more than 300 evacuees from Libya landed here on Friday night on a high-speed ferry chartered by the United States government.

The United States hired the ferry Maria Dolores after commercial flights from Tripoli could not keep up with demand. The Tripoli airport was overwhelmed, with as many as 10,000 people waiting to leave the country, according to the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

But the catamaran ferry remained docked in the Tripoli harbor for two days until rough waters and winds subsided enough for it to depart.

“It was a terrible crossing with very big waves,” said Tammi Shreve, from Florida, who teaches at the American School in Tripoli. But she said that the passengers had rallied and stuck together, and that the United States Embassy had taken good care of them.
Yes, I know the argument that the American military presence would be destabilizing - but I just say it is wrong headed in the extreme.

At this touchy moment - letss not even talk about which ship is where. What the Big E is doing and not. If there is a CSG and an ESG in the Gulf of Sidra or the Gulf of Mexico - or on liberty in Caan; it does not matter to the argument ... but we'll get to that later.

For an untold number of times, American citizens have relied on the Navy-USMC team to get them out of a country falling apart. Our citizens in Libya are lucky that things did not go south. Nod our heads and be thankful that we got lucky this time. Ask yourself why we did not have other ships out there, and know we are not alone.

I think the nations of the world are re-discovering the joys of having and effective navy - and the consequences of not having one.

Oh, Canada;
Most Canadians fleeing Libya Thursday scrambled out on the planes or boats of allies as the Canadian government diverted a military plane from Germany and sent a Jordanian charter to continue the hodge-podge international effort to evacuate foreigners.

The two planes – essentially the Plan B to back up a cancelled charter – may now carry few Canadians, after about 200 were given spots on flights organized by Spain, Britain and Malta, and a U.S. boat sailing to Malta. But Canadian officials said those flights would offer the extra seats to citizens of other nations still waiting to get out.

A Canadian-chartered plane from Amman did land in Tripoli early Friday to pick up Canadians and others. A massive C-17 Canadian Forces cargo plane, diverted from Germany, was still in Rome late Thursday as Ottawa awaited Libya’s approval for the aircraft to land.
Really Canada. Really? OK, I'll say it; what Libyan government official are you waiting for a call from? Even Libya's ambassador to the UN is no longer following his government's edicts. Nice answer fonctionaire.

Just be happy now that they Libyans are happy
killing each other.
Two ships braved churning seas Thursday to whisk 4,500 Chinese workers away from strife-torn Libya to the island of Crete, while rough weather further west left hundreds of Americans stranded on a ferry in Tripoli.

As tens of thousands of foreigners sought to flee the turmoil in Libya, Britain pondered whether to send in its military to evacuate oil workers stranded in remote sites by fierce fighting in the North African nation.

Those who made it out of Libya described a frightening scene _ with bodies hanging from electricity poles in Libya's eastern port of Benghazi and militia trucks driving around loaded up with dead bodies. One video showed a tank apparently crushing a car with people inside.
Germany rerouted two navy frigates and one support ship to help with evacuations and had two military aircraft on standby in Valetta, Malta.

Libyan authorities, meanwhile, were making it difficult for airlines to obtain landing permits for charter flights into Tripoli. That, and other operational and safety problems including deteriorating airport security, forced some airlines to halt operations in Libya.

Germany's Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines on Thursday suspended flights to Tripoli, as did Italian carrier Alitalia, one of the last commercial airlines flying out of the chaos-wracked country.

Several hundred of the 1,500 Italians in Libya have already left.

In addition to its maritime effort, Greece sent three military transport planes to Libya on Thursday to bring home 300 citizens, most of them construction workers.

A plane carrying 125 Ukrainians and 38 foreigners from Libya landed at Kiev's Boryspil airport early Thursday. A Polish government plane that was supposed to carry 80 Poles back home arrived in Warsaw with only 15 Poles and several foreigners because many people could not make it to Tripoli's airport.
German military. Check (Hi Rommel!). Greek military (!) check. US military? Global force for some else's good, I guess.

What about the Brits, you say. Well ... that brings us back to the original topic.

The quasi-panic from minimal forces ...
SAS troops, with a unit of paras in support, are poised to help an estimated 150 British oil company workers stranded in isolated parts of the Libyan desert.

They were believed to be on standby in Malta ready to extricate the British nationals as the frigate HMS Cumberland prepared to arrive at the Mediterranean island with 200 Britons on board. The frigate HMS York was ordered to head east for the Libyan coast, though the captain had not yet been instructed with any specific task, defence officials said.

Officials referred to a "range of assets" now available to British forces in the region. They are understood to include Chinook helicopters, Hercules aircraft which can land and take off on relatively short strips, and larger C17 aircraft which could land only at places with large airfields, such as Tripoli or Benghazi.A government official familiar with contingency plans that have been draw...
... and where the Salamander grins,
Shadow defence secretary Jim Murphy, meanwhile, has said the Libyan crisis made the government's recent strategic defence and security review already look out of date. "The government's plans were based on strategic and international geopolitical assumptions, many of which have been shaken over the past month", he said.

Referring to the decision to scrap the carrier, Ark Royal, Murphy added: "Recent dramatic events mean that the defence review must be reopened and perhaps even rethought. It would be sensible to stop and reflect again on our nation's strategic defence needs."
... and your Branch Plan is?

Yes, just like out already hide-bound Maritime Strategy. White papers designed to reverse engineer defense cuts - as if because you want it to and you write it, the rules of the world and the need for military forces will magically disappear and bend to your will.

History is a spiteful b1tch. She will not be ignored, and she will not let her warnings go unheeded without a painful result, to you. They are not outdated Mr. Murphy (which BTW is an awesome name for a Defense Minister/Secretary), they were foolish.

So, where are our CSG and ESG? Admiral Lyons;
over to you.
As a first order of business, we should reposition an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean. The USS Enterprise and the USS Kearsarge, both in the Red Sea, and perhaps the USS Ponce as well, should be turned around to re-transit the Suez Canal and take a position off the coast of Libya. The Enterprise is to relieve the USS Carl Vinson, which currently is in the Gulf of Aden. This relief could take place in the Mediterranean, which would result in two carriers off the coast of Libya. U.S. Air Force B-2 strike bombers also should be repositioned in the region. The USS Kearsarge and other amphibious ships from our allies should be positioned to assist in evacuating Americans and other nationalities by sea if evacuations cannot be accomplished by air charter flights or other means.
The knob a little to 11 for some - but much more dare I say prudent than this.
Despite growing calls in the U.S. for action, the Obama administration is carefully limiting the American role in the unfolding international effort to halt the killing of Libyan demonstrators by dictator Moammar Gadhafi's regime.
U.S. officials have been pushing European countries to take the lead in world powers' response to Gadhafi, arguing that the Europeans have closer ties and more leverage.
OK. Fine. That is a legitimate point to make and to hold - as a matter of fact, once all the Americans are out of there - I agree.

Small problem though. Until then, if
you ever wanted to create air supremacy - a no fly zone if you will - either to cover evacuations or to keep the Libyan runt Air Force from bombing their own people - there is only one way to do it - with Aircraft Carriers. Big deck aircraft carriers. Way to far for land based air even if you could get basing rights.

If you want to do it for any length of time, you need two at a minimum. Longer - three. Two American and one French would be nice. Two American and then perhaps Brit/Italian/Spanish as help would be.

Wait, I'm sorry - did I say
The last Royal Air Force and Royal Navy Harrier GR9s embarked on HMS Ark Royal made their final departures this morning, bringing to an end 30 years of Fleet Air Arm fixed-wing operations with both the aircraft and the CVS carriers themselves.
...Britain had chosen to cease to be a serious country, choosing to put welfare and a bloated public sector above engagement in the world and the willingness to defend ourselves properly.
Goodbye to all that, I guess.

There's your global maritime partnership, Shipmate.

It used to be with Mark Steyn,
America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It. I guess depending on who is running the show - if you are an American citizen you can just be, well, alone.

PSYOPS: Doing it right

Rumor has it you can see Muammar in there somewhere ... but I don't see him.

For some reason I see Al Bundy .... but no Muammar.

Background here, and if you ever need another reason to love and defend Israel - watch the video at the bottom of this page.

The new freedom cry:

Zenga Zenga!

Hat tip Lex.

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Sunday Funnies

If you ever have to work with the children of Marines, this helps.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Defense Against Piracy; the Tactical & Operational, on Midrats

With the killing of four Americans by pirates this week, the focus is returning to the international community's surrender of security on the high seas. If governments do not have the will to prevent pirates, then what can civilian individuals and corporations do to make themselves a "tough target" and mitigate the odds that they will become the next piracy headline?

What are the tactical and operational steps mariners can take to defend themselves and their ships from pirates - and if their ship is taken - what they can do to best enable coalition forces to re-take the ship?

Sunday, 27 FEB from 5-6EST for the full hour will be returning guest to Midrats, Kevin Doherty, former Marine and owner of Nexus Consulting Group of Alexandria.

Join us live and pile in with the usual suspects in the chat room during the show where you can offer your own questions and observations to our guests. If you miss the show or want to catch up on the ones you've missed - you can always reach the archives at blogtalkradio - or set yourself to get the podcast on iTunes.

Listen to Midrats on Blog Talk Ra

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Speaking of good liberty stories ...

I can neither confirm or deny anything you don't have pictures of ... but - perhaps there are some reasons Skippy likes Asia that we just don't talk about.

What happens on liberty stays on liberty .... right Skippy?

Fullbore Friday

USS New York (CA-2). Also ACR-2 for some of you. Why her? Well, she is one of the ships I can say I have see the "professional work" of. She participated in shelling of El Morro Castle at San Juan, Puerto Rico on 12 May 1898 during the Spanish American War and participated in the Battle of Santiago de Cuba.

In taking the tour of El Morro Castle, they point out all the places where the ships' fire hit the castle. Pretty neat stuff.

Speaking of New York - the State, did you know they have a no kidding, official
Naval Militia? More neat stuff.

Encore FbF from DEC06.

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Who will replace CJCS Mullen?

Well, I think it is clear that it won't be Gen. Cartwright, USMC.
The Pentagon released a report of the investigation just weeks before Defense Secretary Robert Gates is due to recommend a candidate to succeed the current head of the military, Admiral Mike Mullen, to the White House.

Its timing is thought to have been designed to clear the air as rumours about the investigation circulated around the Pentagon.

Sources who have worked with the general believe the allegations may be part of a vendetta launched by those who do not want General Cartwright to get the post, Fox News reports.

According to the channel, his former aides said his relationship with the woman was closer than usual, but remained appropriate and fitted with his leadership style of having a close-knit circle of allies.
... but ... maybe ...
White House officials said President Obama is aware of the claim and was not deterred by it. Military sources say the general, a former fighter pilot, has a better relationship with Mr Obama than the current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

He is thought to be the favourite to succeed Admiral Mullen, although General David Petraeus and Admiral James Stavridis have also been mentioned.

The heavily-redacted report, completed in 2010, clears the general of three of the four allegations made by an anonymous accuser, including one which suggested he had a sexual relationship with the aide.
Mmmmm ... top cover that can get you out of this?
An anonymous accuser claimed Gen. James Cartwright acted inappropriately during a 2009 overseas trip on which the aide traveled as a military assistant. Several sources confirmed that the former aide is a young woman, although her name and pronouns that would reveal her sex are blacked out in the heavily edited Pentagon inspector general's report. The sources spoke on condition of anonymity to describe aspects of the report that were not released.

The inspector general quickly cleared Cartwright of the most serious allegations, which involved claims that he may have had an improper physical relationship with the young woman. The report, completed in March 2010, did find that Cartwright mishandled an incident in which the aide, drunk and visibly upset, visited his Tbilisi, Georgia, hotel room alone and either passed out or fell asleep on a bench at the foot of his bed.

Cartwright claimed he had done nothing wrong and was later cleared of all wrongdoing by the top civilian Navy official.

"The investigation into the anonymous allegations was thorough. He cooperated fully and when it concluded the allegations were not substantiated," Cartwright spokesman Maj. Cliff W. Gilmore said Wednesday. "Gen. Cartwright believes it's important to have a system that allows anonymous complaints to be heard and appropriate for leaders, especially at his level, to be open to this degree of scrutiny."

Cartwright told investigators that he was working in his hotel suite when the woman entered after 11 p.m. the night of March 30, 2009, and began a conversation. She was seated on the bench, where at least one other aide later saw her slumped and apparently asleep, according to the inspector's report and interviews with officials knowledgeable about the trip.

The suite functioned as Cartwright's office, the door was ajar while the woman was inside and security personnel were nearby.

Cartwright, who is 61 and married, told investigators he thought it best to let the woman sleep it off, and she eventually returned to her own room. He said he worked most of the night and got about an hour of sleep.

The inspector general faulted Cartwright for not insisting that the aide leave or be removed. The report says she felt "license" to enter the general's room late at night and drunk, despite being advised by a security agent not to do so.

The report also faulted Cartwright for failing to act on an earlier incident in which the woman also apparently drank too much. In that case, she had a disagreement with a Secret Service agent guarding President Barack Obama at an elite annual dinner given by the Alfalfa Club in Washington.
Yes. Read that again. He does have some top-cover though,
While the investigation cleared Gen. James Cartwright, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, of any improper relationship it did recommend nonjudicial punishment for Cartwright's failure to properly discipline the aide and for maintaining an overly friendly relationship.

After reviewing the evidence however, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus cleared Cartwright of any wrongdoing.
OK fellow recidivist Staff Weenies - how many of the Aides you know - or, ahem those of us who have worn a Loop of any kind - would have survived a drunken spat with a Secret Service person guarding the CINC-in-waiting ... in public?

This is neither here nor there - but when I was stationed in HI, we always used to make the observation that it seemed that the USMC female aides were all some of the most attractive women in uniform, bar none. They were sharp, professional - and to a woman drop dead gorgeous ... and we said that when we weren't even 4 months into a deployment.

People are human, and even if you do everything right - an older male General Officer with a much younger female Aide is a dangerous combination if you don't manage things right. People will talk regardless. Never give them fuel. Even if you give Gen. Cartwright the full benefit of the doubt, which I will, if you don't have the right person acting in the right way - you open the door to someone calling you out.

I don't know about you, but I have seen innocent people accused of sexual misconduct and ruined - and I have seen other people get away with open sexual congress with subordinates. Tough and imperfect world we have.

You can make your own luck. Best case for Gen. Cartwright - he exercised poor judgment in his choice and management of his Aide. As a result - I'd put a Franklin on this being his last position. Is that right? Probably not - but such it is as it is.

Decades of great service - stopped by a female aide almost young enough to be his granddaughter and her inability to handle her alcohol ---- and his reaction to it.

Watch and learn. Watch and learn. And no, this would not have happened if she were a he. Knowing the Staffs I was on - one incident of public drunkenness like that and you would be liaison to Thule AB, Greenland the next Monday.

We could also talk about the IG's hotline too if we want .... but .... sigh. What a can of worms that is.

Hat tip d'mole.

What is the Mission of USNI?

Ask any Staff Weenie or War College graduate - every word in a Mission Statement is critical. Every definition is closely examined. All further actions derive from the Mission Statement.

Professional military people do not make changes lightly. In an unusual move for me - I am not going to expand my comments any more than that. In an open letter last night, Norman Polmar sets out the argument quite well.

Everyone here should know Norman Polmar. That speaks for itself. Read in full and ponder.

I am writing to you--fellow members of the U.S. Naval Institute--to urge that you vote against the proposed change of the USNI mission statement that is being mailed out with the March issue of the Proceedings magazine. The current statement is refined from the original, 1873 mission written at the establishment of the USNI (see below). I believe that USNI members who believe in the principles of our 138-year-old professional organization should strongly object to three words/terms in the proposed change of the mission statement:

(1) "an independent forum advocating" I believe these words are self-contradictory. The USNI has established itself as the leading international naval--and increasingly "defense"--forum because it has not "advocated" anything but has let authors (military and civilian, of all ranks, genders, and even nationalities) express their opinions. "Advocating" a position will unquestionably deter the USNI serving as an independent forum.

(2) "global sea power" What does this mean? The Soviet Union from 1970 (the massive Okean exercise) until 1991 was certainly a "global sea power"--does the USNI advocate a rehabilitation of Russian sea power? Or a buildup of Chinese global sea power? Or Japanese? Or ...? And, does "global sea power" include a strong merchant marine--which we do not have and will not develop in the foreseeable future? Or fishing fleet? Or ....? Again, "global sea power" is ambiguous and misleading.

(3) "economic prosperity" Again, for whom? The world? Then the USNI is encouraging every nation (including Iran, N. Korea, China, etc.) to develop global sea power. Or only for the United States? How does "global sea power" help U.S. posterity--other than the shipbuilding industry?

The proposed new mission statement makes the USNI appear to be a lobbying and "cheerleading" organization for.... I am not quite certain for what or whom. In the years that I have been associated with the Naval Institute (since age 15), I was taught that those roles--lobbying and cheerleading--were the purpose of the Navy League, not the Naval Institute.

The USNI now exists "to provide an independent forum for those who dare to read, think, speak, and write in order to advance the professional, literary, and scientific understanding of sea power and other issues critical to national defense." I believe that mission statement is still valid and germane.

I strongly urge all members to REJECT the proposed change to the USNI mission statement.

All good wishes/Norman

Norman Polmar
If you are a member of USNI - then don't miss that ballot. If you are not a member - then join so you can have a say in this critically important organization. Examine the issue, and vote your conscience.

I have been a member since I was a MIDN. If you know a MIDN - buy them a membership. Do it for a few years. They need it - and USNI needs them.

If you are an active duty or reserve officer and are not a member, shame on you. If you are an active duty or reserve enlisted member, ask your officers why they are not members -- and BZ to you for being one. Ask those in your shop to join as well. It ain't and officer's club.
UPDATE: USNI's CEO, Major General Thomas L. Wilkerson, USMC (Ret.) has a brief post up about the voting. You can do it online as well here.

Don't know much about history ....

Wish we had a world class Navy museum? So do a lot of people.

Sad thing is - it looks like we are blowing it.

Diversity Thursday II: Electric Boogaloo

The rebellion spreads. No one is riding a camel through the Diversity Bullies yet ... but more and more are standing up against this mindless, patronizing sectarianism.

Via Rowan Scarborough at WashTimes.
A foundation set up to celebrate Navy aviation’s 100th birthday has disavowed an official history on its website, after former combat pilots complained of inaccuracies and political correctness.

As the first celebration commenced last month at a naval air base in California, a number of enraged former pilots began bombarding the 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation Foundation with complaints. The Navy views the commemoration with high regard, with celebrations planned at Navy and Marine Corps air stations from California to Florida.

The foundation‘s official history slide show featured four “firsts” for women, such as the first female operations officer in 1992. It also accentuated humanitarian missions. But it devoted only two slides to World War II and barely mentioned Vietnam, during which the Navy orchestrated a decade of multiple aircraft carrier operations.

“There is ‘history’ and then there is ‘revisionist history’ written to support a political agenda,” said Roy Stafford, a former Marine attack aircraft pilot. “This timeline offered up the first female naval aviator and first female navy astronaut and first black Blue Angel pilot as major milestones and high-water marks for naval aviation to the exclusion of the real history makers. That just didn’t sit well with my simple Marine Corps mind.”
Here here!

This is so full of win I want to git nakid and roll around in it.
“The true facts are that women’s contribution to naval aviation has been minimal to nonexistent for 80 of the first 100 years,” said Mr. Stafford. “The simple truth is they were not there, not World War I, not World War II, not Korea nor Vietnam. Men who pushed the limits of mankind to levels never before reached, to relegate them to footnote status while elevating the social agenda is a disservice to all who went before them.”
Sad thing is - this is all over the place. You can use the following almost everywhere you look. Been to the Smithsonian lately?
“My complaint about this 100th anniversary is not necessarily we celebrate the accomplishments or the firsts,” said Jon Ault, a retired F-14 pilot who carried out more than 1,000 carrier landings. “But the fact they’re excluding other very, very important events in naval aviation to be more politically correct in honoring blacks, females and what have you — come on. If you’re going to do this thing, do it equally across the board.”

Missing from the history is the story of Mr. Ault‘s father, the late Navy Capt. Frank W. Ault. After Navy and Air Force pilots performed poorly over North Vietnam, the elder Ault was tasked to find out why. His study led to the creation of the Top Gun fighter school later immortalized by Hollywood.

“All I’m saying is don’t let the PC maniacs take charge of this evolution and stand there and do a year of celebration of just stuff that is PC and the media will suck up,” Mr. Ault said.
Good news. Good people standing up and throwing the BS flag .... and making people eat it.

BZ guys ... BZ.

Hat tip BlackFive, and BTHBTS.

Diversity Thursday

We know the Diversity Bullies can be doctrinaire ... just like their Commissariat predecessors.

Did you ever think though that - yes, gird your loins - Embracing Diversity would become Joint Doctrine?

Well - as I have some of the best spies in the business - snack on this; I received a "Preliminary Coordination Program Directive (PC PD) Draft"

Please, go to Chapter 5.4.

If that is required for Spiritual Fitness .... good googly moogly. This Evangelical is not impressed.



Subject: Draft Program Directive (PD) for Joint Test Publication 3-XX, Total Force Fitness

1) Purpose. This memorandum provides the chapter outline, milestones, and guidance for the development of JTP, 3-XX, Total Force Fitness. The Director for Operational Plans and Joint Force Development (J-7) is the lead agent (LA) and the Joint Staff Doctrine Sponsor (JSDS); and is responsible for the development of the JTP.

2) Background. The JS J-7 Joint Education and Doctrine Division proposed the development of a joint publication on total force fitness and presented the proposal for discussion and decision at the 46th Joint Doctrine Planning Conference (JDPC). The US Joint Forces Command Joint Warfighting Center Doctrine and Education Group conducted a front end analysis that was also presented to the JDPC. The JDPC recommended that the Joint Doctrine Development Community develop a joint test publication on the total force fitness to allow current information on the subject matter to mature during the development and evaluation of the test publication. JS J-7 approval of the minutes identified the JS J-7 as the LA and JSDS and authorized JDDC development of the joint test publication.

3) Scope. This publication establishes a common TFF framework, defines terms, and identifies related mission areas and responsibilities. It provides overarching joint doctrine, articulating the linkage between related joint training and procedures as well as supporting service doctrine.

4) Chapter Outline:

a) Chapter I – Total Force Fitness

(1) Purpose and Organization
(2) Unit Strength and Cohesion
(3) Roles and Responsibilities
(4) Holistic Approach
(5) Human Performance Optimization
(6) TFF Domains

b) Chapter II – Physical Domain
(1) Description
(2) Strength, Endurance, Flexibility and Mobility
(3) Assessment and Metrics

c) Chapter III – Environmental Domain

(1) Description
(2) Heat, Cold, Altitude, Noise, Air Quality
(3) Assessment and Metrics

d) Chapter IV – Medical Domain

(1) Description
(2) Immunizations
(3) Screening
(4) Prophylaxis
(5) Dental
(6) Assessment and Metrics

Chapter V – Spiritual Domain

(1) Description
(2) Core Values
(3) Meaningfulness
(4) Embracing Diversity
(5) Ethical Foundation
(6) Assessment and Metrics

f) Chapter VI – Nutritional Domain

(1) Description
(2) Food Quality
(3) Nutrient Requirements
(4) Food Choices
(5) Assessment and Metrics

g) Chapter VII – Psychological Domain

(1) Description
(2) Coping
(3) Awareness
(4) Beliefs/Appraisals
(5) Decision Making
(6) Engagement
(7) Assessment and Metrics

h) Chapter VIII – Behavioral Domain

(1) Description
(2) Substance Abuse
(3) Hygiene
(4) Risk Mitigation
(5) Assessment and Metrics

i) Chapter IX – Social Domain

(1) Description
(2) Social Support
(3) Task Cohesion
(4) Social Cohesion
(5) Assessment and Metrics

j) Appendices

(1) TBD
(2) TBD

k) Glossary

(1) Part I: Abbreviations and Acronyms
(2) Part II: Terms and Definitions

5) Recommended Target Audience. This joint test publication applies to the Joint Staff, combatant commanders, subunified commands, joint task force and subordinate components of these commands, Services and their staffs. This joint test publication also provides information to US Government agencies; intergovernmental organizations; nongovernmental organizations and the private sectors.

6) References. The LA/JSDS will use the relevant Department of Defense issuances, CJCS issuances, applicable joint publications, Service doctrine, USJFCOM JWFC front-end-analysis results, lesson learned from recent operations and exercises, and other pertinent regulations and manuals in writing this joint test publication.

7) Project Development Milestones.

a) Program Directive (PD) due to J7 JEDD JDB: (60 days from PC PD JSAP)
b) Revision First Draft (RFD) due to J7 JEDD JDB: (5 months after PD approval)
c) Final Coordination (FC) adjudicated comments due from JSDS: (15 months after PD approval)
d) Approval: (17.5 months after PD approval)

8) The Lead Agent is directed to coordinate with the Services, combatant commands, other joint staff directorates, and combat support agencies as required in the course project development. Direct liaison is authorized between relevant agencies IAW CJCS guidance.

9) JP 1-02 terminology will be used to the greatest extent possible during the revision of this project. New or modified JP 1-02 terms should only be used when such terms are essential to the development and understanding of the proposed doctrine. Terms that are no longer used or needed for this publication should be identified and proposed for deletion.

10) Other Relevant Information. None.

11) Points of Contact

a) The Lead Agent (LA) and Joint Staff Doctrine Sponsor (JSDS) is Mr. Peter [REDACTED]; JS J-7 JEDD JDB, DSN 222-[REDACTED]or COM 703-692-[REDACTED], e-mail: peter.[REDACTED]; peter.[REDACTED]

b) The Evaluation Agent is USJFCOM JWFC-DEG, Mr. Robert [REDACTED], DSN 668-[REDACTED]; COM (757) 203-[REDACTED], robert.[REDACTED]; robert.[REDACTED]; and Mr. Michael [REDACTED], DSN 668-[REDACTED]; COM (757) 203-[REDACTED]or e-mail: michael.[REDACTED]; michael.[REDACTED]

c) The subject matter expert assisting the LA and JSDS is COL Christian [REDACTED], OCJCS Medical Science Advisor, DSN 222-[REDACTED], COM 703-692-[REDACTED], e-mail: christian.e.[REDACTED]; christian.e.[REDACTED]
If nothing else, I think we just identified the Joint Pub that will be read the least.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Open season on Americans

Most should know by now,
Four Americans who were being held hostage by Somali pirates were slaughtered Tuesday before the U.S. Navy could rescue them.

After boarding the yacht, "the forces discovered all four hostages had been shot by their captors," General James Mattis, head of the U.S. Central Command, said in a statement.

"Despite immediate steps to provide life-saving care, all four hostages ultimately died of their wounds," he wrote.

The victims were identified as yacht owners Jean and Scott Adam of California, and Seattle residents Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle.
Fred has a post up on USNIBlog where I left my immediate thoughts,
We have the intel, the forces, and the training to do what needs to be done – a punitive expedition; preferably from the air and sea.

We have a track record of thousands of years of the written word of successful anti-piracy campaigns. Most involve two parallel efforts – (1) impact the economics that encourage it, (2) Kill the pirates when you find them, destroy their bases, homes, ships, and other support facilities.

Another thing we know is that you need to make the punishment severe for any killing of your nation’s nationals and/or taking of your nation’s property. That makes you a higher profit risk, and they will go on to easier targets. This is part of 1 & 2 above.

All it takes is political will. If you do not like Americans being killed at sea – focus your questions at the civilian leadership, that is where the orders come from.

We continue to fail; and fail because of a lack of will.

Let’s see what happens over the next couple of weeks. If nothing happens ashore, then know this; more Americans will be slaughtered like pigs; and more; and more – and not just by pirates. Once word spreads that Americans are easy targets you can kill with impunity, the laws of nature will take its course.

Your countrymen, how cheap are you willing to sell their lives?
Americans killed like this. Gloves should come off at long last. No more talking things to oblivion. Time to act. Time to put down a marker.

I know SECDEF Gates will do it - I have no qualms about SECSTATE's ruthlessness when needed - and as I mentioned in my comment above, I know the military can do this.

There is only one place this decision is made, that is the CINC.

Politics aside - let us see what the CINC wants to do about this. Give him a chance.

I will wait until the Ides of March. If nothing is done ashore by then; well --- elections have consequences; we'll see what happens in 2012.

I highly recommend you read EagleOne's post on this as well.

Well done Chief

A great man, a great Sailor .... and always a class act.

Chief Bill Cosby, USN (Ret.) Always a great friend to his Shipmates. He also, like our friend Lanier Philips, remembers the best of his Navy and does not focus on the challenges of his age that he helped lead us out of.

Great men from a great nation.

Iranian naval diplomacy

Sorry, but I just don't get all that excited about this.
Suez Canal officials say two Iranian naval vessels have entered the strategic waterway en route for the Mediterranean Sea.

Canal officials say the ships - a frigate and a supply vessel - entered the canal early Tuesday morning and are expected to reach the Mediterranean later in the day. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they aren't authorized to speak publicly about the matter.
About the only major concern I would have would be if I were an Egyptian water quality official. Something tells me the Iranians may not have their CHT procedures quite refined enough for a Suez transit.

I would also want to keep a tab on who gets on and off both ships ... but otherwise; yawn.

Nations with navies will go visit'n. A frigate and a support vessel will not threaten anyone - and if anything present a nice "opportunity."

Finally - goofy thing to say - but I have a soft spot for the Iranian Navy. Of all the Gulf nations' naval ships I had to deal with - the Iranian Navy were the most professional. Not the Revolutionary Guard clowns - but the strait stick Navy guys. They were even friendly - and in '98 on Big E and '01 on Connie, the Iranian P-3s showed up on time (1100) more than our P-3s did (random).

From one Sailor to another - I wish them a safe trip there and back. I don't think that as long as they keep to themselves we should wish them ill. Remember - if the Green Revolution ever gets footing - the new Iranian nation will have a navy. Odds are - the more progressive elements of the Iranian military are in the Navy - so their leaders will be having tea with ours.

Be nice to them - in a few years the JOs on those two ships might be at the Naval War College as LCDR/CDR.

Just a thought.

Monday, February 21, 2011

But they love our military .....

I hope everyone knows that as it predated DADT by a couple of decades .... DADT had zip, zero, nada to do with this nation's privileged kicking ROTC out of their universities. Right?

Well, if you had any doubt ... I have a post over at BigPeace that should help you understand the larger story.

Understanding Libya in 2 minutes, 43 seconds

Many Arab nations are more tribal than others ... but as we learned real fast in Iraq; even those you though were secular, once things get sketchy - they revert to form. Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan top the list methinks, but not my specialty.

The leader of the Al-Zuwayya tribe in eastern Libya threatened on Sunday to cut oil exports to Western countries within 24 hours unless authorities stop what he called the "oppression of protesters".

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Shaikh Faraj al Zuway said: "We will stop oil exports to Western countries within 24 hours" if the violence did not stop.

The tribe lives south of Benghazi, which has seen the worst of the deadly violence in recent days.

Akram Al-Warfalli, a leading figure in the Al Warfalla tribe, one of Libya's biggest, told the channel: "We tell the brother (Gaddafi), well he's no longer a brother, we tell him to leave the country."

The tribe live south of the capital Tripoli.
As we discussed as things shifted from Tunisia to Egypt a few weeks ago - we are in a new age in the Middle East. Don't know where we will wind up, but it won't be where we started.

don't get it.
Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's son, Sayf al-Islam, has warned of civil war in the country.

He said that the government would "fight to the last bullet" to stay in office.
Sayf - you just may get your wish.

What do you think - $10 gasoline by June?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

From Ziegenfuss to Crospy, on Midrats

Join EagleOne and me today, Sunday 20 February from 5-6pm EST as we touch both ends of the national security reality; from the person to the policy.

Our guest for the first half hour should be well known to the Milblog community, it will be Major Chuck Ziegenfuss, USA of From My Position .... On the Way!

Besides discussing his budding modeling career, we will focus on the work Soldiers' Angels/Valour IT does to keep wounded warriors in touch and wired-in while they recover.

From the individual servicemember, we will pivot with our second guest to policy, Seth Cropsey, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute. Using his recent article in World Affairs, Anchors Away: American Sea Power in Dry Dock, we will review the future of American sea power.

Join us live and pile in with the usual suspects in the chat room during the show where you can offer your own questions and observations to our guests. If you miss the show or want to catch up on the ones you've missed - you can always reach the archives at blogtalkradio - or set yourself to get the podcast on iTunes.

Listen to Midrats on Blog Talk Ra

Sunday Funnies

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fullbore Friday

His sunrise runs take him five miles along the beautiful coastline here.

He speaks fluent traditional Chinese and, at 30, Skelton is a company commander with a promising future that includes graduate school and a tour in China as a foreign area officer.
... yet, the Army wanted to get rid of him. Why?

Well, it dates back to 2004 and the Second Battle of Fallujah - and the results.
After 60 surgeries and six years battling an Army bureaucracy that tried to medically "retire" him, Skelton, 33, flew to Afghanistan last week to rejoin his old unit, the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment.

Skelton has only one eye, partial use of his left arm and right leg, and wears a prosthetic palate so he can eat and drink.
"Beyond the call of duty."

A phrase used too much. Go get your last couple of FITREPS and EVALS. Read them. Ponder.

Now measure yourself.

Here is an older story from
2008, and Part I & Part II from this month. Read them all and know, yes, this nation still produces such men.

Captain D.J. Skelton, USA. Fullbore.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Implementation Navy Training

Have fun Shipmates!

Might as well get it out of the way. No reason to get anyone's panties in a wad over it - you'll survive, the Navy will survive, and the nation will survive.
Commander U.S. Fleet Forces Command (USFF) has been designated as the Executive Agent for training, delivery and tracking of Navy personnel on the educational content concerning the repeal of Title 10, U.S.C. Section 654, known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT). It is important to remember that the current DADT policy remains in effect. Final repeal will not be effective until 60 days after the President, Secretary of Defense, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs certify to Congress that repeal can be made.
USFF will conduct training in a three tier approach. Tier 1 training will be provided to experts who may deal frequently with repeal policy issues (chaplains, judge advocates, senior human resource officers, etc.) Tier 2 training will be provided by Master Mobile Training Teams to command leadership teams, flag officers and senior executive service personnel. The training will prepare them to deliver face to face policy instruction and expectations of conduct to their commands. Tier 3 training is for all hands, which includes all active and reserve personnel, Navy civilians who supervise military personnel, and DOD contractors as required. This guidance will emphasize policies and expectations of personal behavior.
The primary method of delivery for Tier 2 and Tier 3 repeal implementation training is face to face. The secondary delivery method will be via Defense Connect Online (DCO). A tertiary delivery method available to Tier 3 personnel unable to attend command leadership-led training is a computer based training option. To meet certification requirements, all Tier 2 training must be completed NLT 30 APR 2011 and all Tier 3 must be completed NLT 30 JUN 2011. For planning purposes, Navy will execute to complete Tier 2 training by 23 APR 2011 and execute to complete Tier 3 training NLT 17 JUN 2011.
The Navy’s DADT repeal process is centralized at . The website includes locations and dates for each MMTT presentation across the fleet. Commands within 60 miles of a presentation are required to register command leadership via the website and then attend face to face Tier 2 training.
Commands outside of this radius are allowed to register command leadership via the website and participate in DCO Tier 2 training.
References regarding DADT repeal implementation are listed on the website and include NAVADMIN 41/11, 42/11, and ALERTORD 07FEB11. The DoD Support Plan for Implementation, also listed on the website, details the background of the DADT repeal process and includes FAQs and vignettes regarding implementation.
You are subscribed to Navy Reserve All Hands for Navy Reserve Forces Command. This information has recently been updated, and is now available.
Make sure and bring your FLIPs in case something like this happens.

Hat tip Rob.

Why we have bloated budgets ...

DFAS still thinks I am on active duty --- so I still get their emails.

This is an amazing email that outlines perfectly the inefficiency of guv'munt. Even in a time of tightening budgets - cost savings are not important to the bureaucracy.

You see - it isn't the outcome that is important; it is the process.

Effective for travel performed on or after November 1, 2010, travelers are advised not to book lodging accommodations using an online booking agent, such as Expedia, Priceline,, etc. Instead, travelers should reserve their lodging accommodations by utilizing their Contracted Travel Office (CTO) or by contacting the hotel directly.

The Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR) for uniformed members and the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) for Department of Defense civilian employees have both been revised to state, "Despite any savings realized through online booking agents, subject to Service requirements the CTO should be used for lodging arrangements or the traveler should reserve a room directly with the hotel/chain (including the hotel's online website). Lodging reimbursement is not authorized for hotel lodging obtained through online booking agents unless an itemized receipt from the hotel is provided."

The JFTR and JTR further state that a traveler must not submit a 'lost receipt' statement to substitute for an online booking hotel receipt. If a traveler books their lodging through an online booking agent, then the only way the traveler can be reimbursed for their expenses would be if the hotel provides the traveler with an itemized lodging receipt.

However, hotels generally refuse to provide a traveler with a receipt from their establishment, because the traveler did not have a purchase transaction between them and the hotel, but rather between them and the online booking agent.

Due to the strict guidance of the regulation and the likelihood that the traveler will not be able to get the hotel to provide an itemized receipt in these situations, using online booking agents for lodging accommodations is highly discouraged. Failure to follow this guidance will result in non-payment of lodging booked incorrectly.

Any inquiries can be directed to the following DFAS travel pay customer service address:
Like the time travel requirement? Oh, and I left the email there on purpose. The last six months on active duty were a sump-pump of frustration due to DFAS. I don't care - they didn't.


Launch the ready Byron ....

Job security Shipmate. Via Chris Cavas,
The upper part of the mast on the destroyer Gravely broke off Sunday while the warship was underway off the northern Florida coast, the Navy has confirmed.

“While underway conducting routine operations Feb. 13, USS Gravely (DDG 107) experienced structural damage to the mast mounted antenna. No personnel were injured during the incident,” Cmdr. Elissa Smith, a spokesperson for the Second Fleet in Norfolk, said in a Tuesday e-mail to Navy Times. “USS Gravely’s crews took immediate action and secured the damaged mast-mounted antenna. The cause and extent of the damage is unknown.

“The ship safely returned to Mayport, Fla. at approximately 10 a.m. local yesterday and is undergoing assessment.

Hat tip URR, photo
UPDATE: One of my industrial spies sent along the technical SME details. For the record - this is not from Byron (who is should be known is recovering from a biological warfare attack, but is much better thanks to the highly effective doggy-luv treatment including moist nose applications, frequent ear licking, and the strategic placement of hair on all opposite color furniture and clothing. The dogs do something too, but I am not sure of the details).
What failed was the foundation for the stick mast that gets bolted to the top of the pole mast. As a foundation it is not on the structural drawing for the mast but on a separate foundation drawing for that design zone. As such, i.e. foundation not structure, the weld is considered noncritical and is therefore only subject to visual inspection (VT).

SUPSHIP reviews all UT and above welds, i.e. critical, but looks at only a random sample of VT welds. This should have been caught by the shop foreman. The weld, as executed, was not in accordance with the drawing for that foundation. It is 1" aluminum plate that was to be beveled to 50 deg angle. Note the weld attaching the foundation to the top of the pole mast....the failed weld should have been the same weld.

Diversity Thursday

It is difficult for many who have not been there to understand the power of the Diversity Bullies in the military. They have - and will - destroy careers in a whiff and whim.

There remains very little top-cover. In the USA - and especially the US military - we are light years away from the tender first-steps Merkel, Cameron, and Sarkozy have made towards the multi-culti cult that suppressed clear thinking.

The Ft Hood shooter continues to be a great teaching tool. Dorthy Rabinowitz at the WSJ just knocks it out of the park. Read it all - but here is the chewy bit.
In November 2010, each branch of the military issued a final report on the Fort Hood shooting. Not one mentioned the perpetrator's ties to radical Islam. Even today, "A Ticking Time Bomb," co-authored by Sen. Joe Lieberman (I., Conn.) and Susan Collins (R., Maine), reminds us that DoD still hasn't specifically named the threat represented by the Fort Hood attack—a signal to the entire Defense bureaucracy that the subject is taboo.
In magical thinking, safety and good come to those who obey taboos, and in the multiculturalist world, there is no taboo more powerful than the one that forbids acknowledgment of realities not in keeping with the progressive vision. In the world of the politically correct—which can apparently include places where psychiatrists are taught—magical thinking reigns.

A resident who didn't represent the diversity value that Hasan did as a Muslim would have faced serious consequences had he behaved half as disturbingly. Here was a world in which Hasan was untouchable, in which all that was grim and disturbing in him was transformed. He was a consistently mediocre performer, ranking in the lowest 25% of his class, but to his evaluators, he was an officer of unique talents.

He was a star not simply because he was a Muslim, but because he was a special kind—the sort who posed, in his flaunting of jihadist sympathies, the most extreme test of liberal toleration. Exactly the kind the progressive heart finds irresistible.

A decision as to whether Maj. Hasan will go to trial—it would be before a military court-martial —should be forthcoming next month. He stands charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder, committed when he turned his laser equipped semi-automatic on members of the military at the Soldier Readiness Center. The likelihood is that the trial will go forward. If it does, the forces of multiculturalist piety, which played so central a role in advancing this Army major and concealing the menace he posed, will be the invisible presence on trial with him.
... and yes. You must watch General Casey once more.

Diversity with a capital "D." Cancer.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Achy Breaky Family

If today is "...are we doing our job as men?" day at CDRSalamander - let's go from husbands & co-workers to a father's responsibility.

It was almost three years ago when I first posted about the train-wreck that I saw coming WRT Miley Cyrus. You can review the archive here.

Regardless of what you may think of her father's decisions - this must break your heart. As a father of young women - it does mine.
Blaming publicists and Miley's handlers, Billy Ray gives an anguished interview in GQ's March issue, where he adds he wishes "Hannah Montana" never happened.

"I hate to say it, but yes, I do. I'd take it back in a second," said Billy Ray, who is divorcing Miley's mother, Tish.

Reflecting on Miley's controversial moments -- including seductive photos on the Internet, pole-dancing at the Teen Choice Awards, and posing for Vanity Fair draped in a sheet -- Cyrus says he should have been more strict, and accuses her handlers for going too far to promote her, and then using him as the fall guy.
"I'm scared for her. She's got a lot of people around her that's putting her in a great deal of danger. I want to get her sheltered from the storm."

Talking about Miley's 18th birthday party at LA bar Trousdale, he says, "You know why I didn't go? Because they were having it in a bar. It was wrong. It was for 21 years old and up . . . all them people, they all wanted me to fly out so that then when all the bad press came they could say, 'Daddy endorsed this stuff.' I started realizing I'm being used."

Then photos surfaced of Miley smoking the legal herb salvia from a bong. Billy Ray, who gave the interview to GQ's Chris Heath five days after the photos emerged, says he hadn't spoken to Miley since, but confronted one of her handlers: "They told me it was none of my business."

But he admits, "I should have said, 'Enough is enough -- it's getting dangerous and somebody's going to get hurt' . . . Honestly, I didn't know the ball was out of bounds until it was way up in the stands somewhere."
I'm sorry Dad. Everything that happened up to her 18th Birthday is north of 51% your problem. Now that she is 18 - it's hers.

No one is a perfect father - goodness knows I'm not .... so don't beat yourself too much over it - and don't blame others, it will only make your pain worse, and stop you from finding peace.

Hopefully others can learn from this arch - but we will see it again.

I wish you and Miley the best and hope she can find better guidance as an adult, and can find strength and a center. I also wish for you and her to find a path back to each other.

Friends don't let friends put their kids into Hollywierd's cesspool