Monday, March 21, 2011

Herndon's return ...

Little things matter.

As a non-USNA guy, internal cute little rituals really don't mean much to me - but little things can be indicators of larger trends.

When for the most thin of reasons the greasing of Herndon was abruptly
ended last year, it worried me as it represented a pattern of action we have seen a lot in our culture over the last few decades; a trend that is injurious to the body as a whole.

Well, take heart - things can be turned around. Wrongs can be righted. Bad decisions can be reversed. Via
The Capital;
The grease has been re-ordered.

“Conducting the ceremonial climb in the same manner as so many previous classes helps to instill spirit and camaraderie among plebes and better links them to the many classes that have gone before them,” said academy Superintendent Vice Adm. Michael H. Miller.
It is a shame last year's class will always be an odd-ball, but that isn't their fault.

BZ VADM Miller.

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