Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The war comes to Frankfurt

The amazing thing is that this has not happened sooner.
Two men including a US soldier have been shot dead at Frankfurt airport, German media reported.

The gunman, believed to be from Kosovo, opened fire on a bus containing US troops in front of Terminal 2.

The bus driver and a soldier were killed, according to the German news channel N-TV. Two others, thought to be soldiers, were seriously hurt.

The shooting happened at 3.20pm local time. "It all appears to have taken place on the bus," said a police spokesman, J├╝rgen Linker. It was too early to discuss the gunman's possible motives, he said.

The US Army Europe said it had no immediate information on the incident but was looking into it.

I can hear my Serbian friends right now; "That is Albanian for 'you're welcome.' "

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