Friday, March 25, 2011

CNO owes Salamander a Hat Tip

One day, all articles will start with the phrase, "Salamander started discussing this over a year ago...."
The U.S. chief of naval operations is warning the government to start heading off severe budget challenges for naval forces in the 2020s, when a surge of ships built in the 1980s will “age out” at the same time when the Navy will be trying to replace its strategic submarine and nuclear aircraft carrier fleets.

“The biggest issue is the decade of the ’20s,” Navy Adm. Gary Roughead told Washington-based defense reporters March 23. “The nation is looking at a challenge to shipbuilding that I believe we need to start thinking about now.”
The only thing that would make this article better would be if the CNO started calling it the "Terrible 20s" like we did early last year on Midrats and a few times here, well over a year ago.

Bravo Zulu to Admiral Roughead in starting to beat this drum a little more. Last year he hinted at it here and there, but it has yet to stick. He needs to continue to beat it over and over and over. Stress the Terrible 20's. It is a branding and marketing thing. People like to look at decades - and as he knows better than I do - from a shipbuilding POV, 2020 is at our doorstep.

This is so incredibly important to our Navy and our Nation. THIS topic is what needs to be our #1 priority - if I may humbly offer.

Hat tip Mike.

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