Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Whose access to oil again?

Way too many people are inwardly focused not just on themselves, but on their nation.

Due to our size and relative isolation - not to mention our national character - Americans tend to have this problem a bit more than the global average in the developed world, methinks.

Few are more obnoxious about this than the anti-everything crowd - especially WRT who consumes oil.

The Economist has a great article on the challenge you owe to yourself to review in full - but ponder the little graph on the right. It speaks a thousand words about who is using what - and where the trends are going.

Why isn't China more involved? Simple; they really don't feel a "moral" reason to do anything for anyone as long as they get what they need. As for stability, they are content to be free riders on the USA's work. If we want to borrow money from them in order to defend their interests - fine with China.

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