Sunday, March 06, 2011

Episode 61: More Captain Martin - More Cowbell

As piracy continues to be in the news and by popular demand - today's Episode of Midrats will be a replay the 30 January episode with Captain Alexander Martin, USMC - the leader of the team that took back merchant ship, The Magellan Star.

One of the reasons I picked this episode is not just because Captain Martin was such a good guest that made for a quick hour - which he was - but that looking long range at the development of the last few weeks encourages one to keep a thought on Piracy.

Piracy comes from failed states, and with the turmoil in much of the Arab world - there is a concern that we may have a few more failed states in the running. Could they create the conditions that allow piracy as we have seen off Somalia develop in more areas such as the Red Sea and the Med? Hard to say - but we do know that weakness invites aggression, and in spite of the isolated incident or two of spine and fortitide - and proven by the expansion of piracy over the last few years --- the argument can be made that we are inviting more piracy if conditions will allow it.

There is a solution though, and a large part of that was demonstrated by CAPT Martin, his marines, and the Sailors who supported them. Please join us for a show well worth a second listen. And I'll have the chat room up for those who do
join us live.

Eagle One and I will be back our next week with our ever-popular returning guest,
Mackenzie Eaglen, Research Fellow for National Security Studies, Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation.

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