Monday, March 07, 2011

Why Command is hard

... wait, should I change the title of this post? Ummm, awwww h311, nevermind.

Command is so hard ... errrrr ... difficult that is, because they can only cover so many things in the PCO pipeline.

Really - you never know when Seaman ... no - make that Airman ... no this is not aviation ... err ... Fireman Timmy is going to come in the door with the CMDCM and the XO with a jewel like this. No matter what do you, you will be wrong in the eyes of 51% of people.
A sailor has been accused of dereliction of duty and faces being kicked out of the U.S. Navy after being found in bed with another man.

Petty Officer Stephen C. Jones is charged with 'willful failure to exhibit professional conduct' after the incident last month at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command near Charleston, South Carolina.

Mr Jones, 21, is fighting the move.

According to Mr Jones, the relationship between him and Mr McGee is entirely platonic and that they simply fell asleep in his bedroom after Mr McGee called round to watch the Vampire Diaries.
Let's open up the Nuke joke book.

The Vampire Diaries? Really Shipmate. Really? I guess it could be worse, you could have been watching Twilight.


The two dudes snoozing in the same bed - no issue with that -- but there should be about $100 worth of empty beer bottles on the floor, another guy asleep with his head resting on the toilet, and a pair of high-heel shoes hanging from the light fixture with its owner between the two guys.

Even post-Tailhook, I remember seeing three male F-18 pilots asleep in a king size bed in a suite in Souda Bay once with a nude E-2C NFO dude passed out on the floor at the foot of the bed - but there was nothing remotely teh ghey about it as the female Intel type from ships company as crashed on the couch fully clothed, including shoes.

I guess - but I digress, and no you can't ask me what I was doing at the time.

No, two dudes in the bed is not unheard of - though there needs to be extenuating circumstances beyond
The Vampire Diaries. Guys, you're sober and not even deployed. And then there is this,
Navy investigators say that on the night in question, February 6, Mr Jones's roommate Tyler Berube returned just after midnight from an out-of-town trip and opened the door to find the sailors wearing only boxer shorts with Mr Jones asleep.
The men allegedly got up and got dressed immediately.

Mr Jones, from Pensacola, Florida, said he was in fact wearing pyjamas and that visiting hours ended at 2am. He added that Mr McGee often stopped by to watch videos.
Who the frack wears PJs? There are no PJs in fight club! Those are not approved for shipboard use! Were they footies? Hoodie Footie?

Vice Admiral Albert H. "Big Al" Konetzni Jr. weeps .... but not in a PJ wearing in bed sober with a same-sex Shipmate kind of way.

Captain Bailey, good luck Shipmate - you can't win.

Hat tip TAH.

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Barco Sin Vela II said...

I would rather believe that this is all creepy, yet innocent. Probably watching tv, late at night and using a rack like a couch. Snoozing commences.

As long as wedding tackle was not deployed, I would think this should be classified as "embarrassing situation" and move on.

Leadership should have been used instead of sending out a stupid, butt covering sitrep.