Thursday, March 17, 2011

Insurgent Victory: USNI Mission Statement

Nothing official yet - but from multiple sources including Norman Polmar, it looks like the push to chance the mission of USNI to make it an advocacy organization has been defeated.

As a matter of fact, I will quote the good Dr. himself;
The USNI Board of Directors has today decided unanimously to withdraw the proposal for a change in the Naval Institute's statement.
Does any more need to be said? On a variety of levels there are a lot of lessons for this battle and at some point a good POSTEX needs to be done - but for now, thanks to all who helped make this happen - and now lets enjoy the moment.

Also, I would like you consider how close we came to losing a unique institution. If this worried you - and you are not a member - then by all means become a member today. If you can put a subject, verb, object together and have ideas - then write.

Reinforce victory.

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