Thursday, March 10, 2011

Diversity Thursday II: Electric Boogaloo

Old habits die hard at Annapolis, I guess.

Let's review a basic, shall we Shipmates. No one will every believe you when you say that you do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color or national origin when you do crap like this.
'12 and '13,

Reply back NLT TAPS tonight if you want to serve in Striper positions of Battalion Commander and higher (Class of 2012) for next semester. For the class of 2013, if you want to be Batt Sergeant Major or any other 2/C Brigade Staff billets next semester also reply back by TAPS tonight. Time is short on this.

Include in your reply your:

Most Recent Conduct Grade
Most Recent Aptitude Grade
Most Recent PRT Score
Desired Billet(s)

If you have questions about serving in big striper positions talk to 1/C , 1/C , and 2/C ; also, talk to myself or 1/C if you are concerned about the jump between company and higher.
Yes, you do United States Naval Academy - you just advertised that fact - the fact that you discriminate.

The list above simply outlines the information that is needed to select MIDN leaders. After their "number" (Alpha) that identifies them - you tell everyone what the next most important thing is.


VADM Miller stated to the alumni -
to great applause - that he did not support Diversity for diversity's sake. I believe him. I also understand bureaucratic inertia and the extreme pressure from the CNO to support his goals by acting in a discriminatory manner.

So, my question to USNA - why is ethnicity on this list of qualifications? Why is it measured, and how are those measurements applied? Will this be removed, and if not, why?

That it is used later to describe the ethnicity of those chosen does not count - this is pre-selection criteria.

Don't answer for me - answer for the Midshipmen who feel that they are being discriminated against.

Hat tip TheMIDNUnderground.

UPDATE: Odds are what we have here is someone down the chain who is off the reservation and working their own agenda. Now that we have pointed that out, perhaps everyone will be back on centerline. That would be good news.
UPDATE II - Electric Boogaloo: USNA PAO has responded in comments. Take time to give it a read. Good news - this email is not IAW VADM Miller's D&G. Bad news; someone down the chain isn't with the program. Better news - now the Chain of Command knows and can correct it while also letting the MIDN know they will be evaluated objectively.

Oh, and as for reports from USNA about what is and is not professional? You know what isn't professional? A leader who is subjected to discrimination or allows discrimination to take place against others and does nothing.

Your opinion may differ.


Anonymous said...

2 years ago in the same situation the mids in my company created a list, probably 10 people long. Having submitted the list, the company officer and sel submitted 3 names, none of which were on that list. 2 females, 1 african american, and one hispanic. The company was apalled. I hoped the new supe would fix this. Very disappointed, especially since it's so obvious.
-'10 grad

Anonymous said...

Okay, I came in here looking for the USNA PAO comment; no joy. Redacted?