Monday, March 28, 2011

Live blogg'n the CINC's Libya speech

Need to get a drink ....
1929: Hey ... Shep Smith is asking my questions I put out over at USNIBlog on the 20th ... no Hat Tip.
1931: OK, we are going after AQ, but we are also giving some of their fighters CAS in Libya.
1934: Wait ... is he talking about Castro and Cuba ... oh, nevermind. Libya.
1936: This would have been a nice thing to have had a week and a half ago ... but guess Rio was a bad venue.
1942: Is he talking about Saddam's action against the Shia in the south and Kurds in the north? Oh, never mind - Libya.
1949: We need a new term for this. It was never a no-fly-zone; more of a "we will kill you from the air while your countrymen kill you on the ground zone."
1940: President Clinton, call your office.

1945: This is a better part of the speech - but a little too Hamletesque. I wish he would focus on our national interest a bit more.
1947: That was R2P. That was also Obama embracing the Bush Doctrine. Welcome. When will ANSWER start marching?
1949: Oh no, the great hedge. YMBFKM. If you are not in this for regime change ... then what are we doing?
1950: I don't like all the "I, me, I." It is "we."
1952: Kaus is right - this is "humanitarian imperialism." Can we afford to do that is a world that is nasty, brutish and short?
1954: Where else are we going and with whom?
1954: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It was nice though.
1955: Aren't we dictating and scoping right now in Libya?
1956: So, are we going to Burma, Zimbabwe, ... China next?
1957: We've only been playing global protector since WWI. I guess that is generations.
OK, time for another drink. Fine to good speech - but almost two weeks late. It still sets a strange bar for military action. I still don't see my questions from the 20th being answered - well except for the first one. The opposition is advancing fine under our top-cover and close air support.

So, what are your thoughts. Have at it in comments.

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