Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I think the per diem is higher there ....

This is good. This is right. USN and Japan have a lot of history - in a good way.
More than 70 crewmembers of Patrol Squadron 4, currently on deployment in Okinawa, Japan, arrived at Naval Air Facility Misawa (NAFM), March 16, to better assist with Japanese relief efforts.

The squadron repositioned their relief efforts in the wake of the recent 9.0 magnitude earthquake that triggered a massive tsunami on Japan's eastern seaboard.

The Hawaii-based squadron initially provided its efforts from Kadena Air Base, but the transition to NAFM will increase the Squadron's time on site and reduce time in transit.

They will provide two aircraft and four combat aircrews rotating daily from NAFM, which will provide search and rescue, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.
Hat tip Lee.

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