Monday, March 28, 2011

Royal Navy's decline in a picture

There is a bit of, "oops, oh crap" going on in the UK about all their budget cuts focused on Navy power ... but for now it is all talk. With a few hundred thousand people rioting in London demanding more give-aways from the government that it can't afford ... well ... there you go.

The culminating effect of the Western Welfare State in a picture. Your "1,000 Ship Navy" gets underway.

As dawn breaks over the home of the Royal Navy, one modern maritime legend sets sail for the last time and another awaits her fate.
In the foreground, we see HMS Invincible, flagship of the Falklands War, leaving Portsmouth for good.
Behind her, Britain’s most famous aircraft carrier, HMS Ark Royal remains in her berth until a new owner is found: either a second-hand buyer or a scrapyard.
... and yes, I know - today is a bit of a downer day. True .. but such is the world this spring. Serious times.

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