Friday, March 25, 2011

Fullbore Friday

One thing most know is that for every act of bravery we know of - hundreds more will never be known because no one is there to tell the story.

From a story many have forgotten - clues have gathered to a man who met his calling earlier than he would have thought.

VATech Cadet Matthew Joseph La Porte.
The body position and the wounds of Matt La Porte indicate that he had maneuvered around the room from his desk in the rear right of the classroom and attempted to attack Cho across the front of the classroom. Attired in his uniform, he fell just short of the door, lying next to the blackboard facing where Cho would have been standing while shooting. Matt’s arms were outstretched in a classic football tackling position. He had eight bullet entry wounds – fingers, thumb, arms and shoulders and to the front of his head – that could only have been sustained while moving forward on the shooter in the very position he fell.

The Archangel team believes there is no other conclusion that can be drawn from the physical evidence other than that Cadet Matthew Joseph La Porte died in a charging attack on Seung-Hui Cho.
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Hat tip Andrew and CPS.


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