Thursday, March 03, 2011

Diversity Thursday

You know I like books and every Christmas recommend with the help of others books to buy for family and friends. As a Navy at war, one would hope that the Navy would recommend books that would inform the warfighter and help him understand their place in the war and a perspective on where others like him have executed their duties. But hey, that's just me.

The Navy has other ideas what Sailors should read in their "extra" time. Who am I to judge?

I'm not sure - but if you have to give out gifts to people you really don't like, this may work for you.
Attitudes Aren't Free Thinking Deeply About Diversity in the Us Armed Forces, is a collection of essays (and a few speeches), most written for this volume, on the themes of religious expression, homosexuality, gender, race, and ethics in the military. The contributors include activists, military members, academics, and other experts.

Attitudes Aren’t Free does not promote one view on these contentious issues but rather allows the writers to advocate for their diverse positions with thoughtful, well-reasoned arguments. This volume offers a framework for critical thought and candid discussions about important social policy issues in the military.

Men and women in the uniforms of our armed services share many things in common, but none more important than their love of country and pride of being an American Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine. Although we may wear different insignia, perform different jobs, and observe different customs, when it comes to the job of defending our nation, the diversity of our missions becomes a fundamental source of our great power.

Make no mistake, diversity is a hallmark of the modern US armed forces, not just in terms of our mission elements, but also within the composition of every unit. However, the journey to get where we are today didn’t happen overnight, and reflecting back on our history, we overcame many challenges along the way. If we’ve learned anything about warfare from our earliest experiences back in 1776, end strengths, budget allocations, or technological innovation is never enough to fully maximize our military capabilities in war or peace.

The authors have put out other things from their perch together at the USAFA. Nice guys I'm sure - but really. What a strange world they live in.

You can buy it on if you want for a few shekels, or just go here and get it for free.

As the friend said who sent this to me wrote; to be fair, it's on the supplemental list, not required of all hands. The thing is, someone wrote a book on the subject of diversity in the U.S. military, which means someone thought people would buy it. By placing this on the reading list, we just encouraged the authors to do a sequel....

Ungh. Impacting morale ... my morale.

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