Thursday, June 12, 2008

Navy at War: Part V

You communicate much to your Sailors and those you work for by what you prioritize, emphasize, and allocate funds for. One thing everyone understands is square footage. Even ashore, we all understand the language of square footage because it is such a valuable thing at sea.

Another thing you can't fudge with Sailors is fairness. No digital scale required, the balance can be measured to four decimals places from E-1 and up. Intended or not, any appearance of unfairness of lack of balance is immediately known.

When there is a disconnect or imbalance in priorities or fairness, Sailors will (besides emailing CDR Salamander) ask themselves; why? What is the motivation? Who benefits? Who doesn't?


On the right is a shot from the "changing room" for the 20 Officers and Chiefs at the Navy Safety Center. Shortage of square footage there? No, not quite. See below.

I have to ask the question; how many lactating Sailors are there at the Navy Safety Center? How much time is spent in there per day lactating? How much for the year? Is that all that is allowed in there?

No reason to explain it all - it speaks for itself just fine.

Hat tip Kevin.

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