Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The unbearable lightness of staff bloat

(NB: at no time is the term "staff weenie" is any way referring to anyone in any way related to DoD IG, nor are any pictures in any way to be construed to be related to the DoD IG or any IG anywhere at any time. This is just for any staff anywhere. Any unsolicited and unworthy advice to the DoD IG is only meant in the most respectful and deferential way.)
Ahem. Has any staff weenie EVER wanted a smaller staff (except CENTCOM)? Even though he has time, people, and money to invest in a 18 year old he said/she said, the DoD IG says, shocking - that he needs MORE staff.
In seeking an additional $25 million above the Bush administration request for next year's budget, the Kicklighter report said the funds are "directly linked to requests by Congress to increase both audit and investigative efforts regarding Southwest Asia and the Global War on Terror."
Just what an already top-heavy/tail-heavy military needs - more staff. The answer to his problems is privatization. Look around the Pentagon. How many gender and diversity advisers are really needed? How much duplication exists? Are we just lazy, inefficient - too cowardly - to make cuts - or a little of both?

Yes, you have a need - but so do the warfighter. Staff bloat helps no one. Streamlined and prioritized Staff Weenies - yes. More make work money sponges - no. Holding commanders accountable - yes. Empire building the Commissariat - no. I'll tell you what, if you have the time and resources to look after a 18 year past he said/she said issue that have no victims or evidence, then your budget is just fine. If not, do like the rest of us, go to your boss and get some billets recoded or shifted from some lesser deserving UIC. If your case is strong enough - you will be just fine.

If not, I have two words for you; Optimal Manning. Call your staff, "Hybrid Weenies." That works for our manning problems - oh, I'm sorry - challenges.

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