Monday, June 23, 2008

Orders as they should be done

Something to ponder as you plow your way through another morass of messages, 100+ PPT slide briefs, and the pleasure of the 3,000NM screwdriver.

Lord Barham's Instructions to Nelson, 05 SEP 1805.
Your Lordship, being already in possession of our several orders for the government of your conduct as commander-in-chief in the Mediterranean, you are, in addition thereto, hereby required and directed to proceed with the VICTORY and the ships named..whose captains have orders to place themselves under your orders, to the Bay of Cadiz, where you may expect to find Vice-Admiral Collingwood and Vice-Admiral Sir Robert Calder, and the squadron of HM ships under his command. You will take such measures for the effectual blockade of the ports of Cadiz and San Lucar, as to your judgment shall seem best.

After leaving such number of ships under the command of Vice-Admiral Collingwood for the blockade of Cadiz, as that service may require, you will proceed to Gibraltar, and take the most effectual measures for putting that garrison and the port thereof, so far as relates to the naval department, into the best possible state of defence, by allotting such a force thereto as may secure the trade of HM subjects in passing and repassing the Gut.

And whereas, from the opinion we entertain of your conduct and abilities, we have thought fit to extend your command to Capt St. Vincent, you will proceed to form the best system for the management of so extensive a command that circumstances may admit of at the time.
And orders of Commodore Harwood prior to The Battle of the River Plate,
My policy with three cruisers versus one pocket battleship. Attack at once by day or night. By day act as two units. First Division (AJAX and ACHILLES) and EXETER diverge to permit flank marking. First Division will concentrate gunfire. By night ships will normally remain in company in open order.
What is that, one PPT slide?


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