Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Institutional racism

So, just in case you think I make this stuff up:


House Resolution 5658 (NDAA 09). For the whole thing, click here and type the "SENIOR MILITARY LEADERSHIP DIVERSITY COMMISSION" into the search block...

Here are the juicy bits:

(a) Establishment of Commission -

(1) IN GENERAL- There is hereby established a commission to be known as the `Senior Military Leadership Diversity Commission'.

(b) Composition-

(1) MEMBERSHIP- The commission shall be composed of 23 members, as follows:

(G) 4 individuals with expertise in cultivating diverse leaders in private or non-profit organizations shall be appointed by the Secretary of Defense.

(2) CHAIRMAN- The Secretary of Defense shall designate one member described in paragraphs (1)(F) or (1)(G) as chairman of the commission .

(3) PERIOD OF APPOINTMENT; VACANCIES- Members shall be appointed for the life of the commission. Any vacancy in the commission shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment.

(d) Duties-

(1) STUDY- The commission shall study the diversity within the senior leadership of the Armed Forces. The study shall be a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of policies that provide opportunities for the advancement of minority members of the Armed Forces.

(2) SCOPE OF STUDY- In carrying out the study, the commission shall examine the following:

(A) Efforts to develop and maintain diverse leadership at all levels of the Armed Forces.

(B) The successes and failures of developing and maintaining a diverse leadership , particularly at the general and flag officer positions.

(C) The effect of expanding Department of Defense secondary educational programs to diverse civilian populations, to include service academy preparatory schools.

(D) The ability of current recruitment and retention practices to attract and maintain a diverse pool of qualified individuals in sufficient numbers in officer pre-commissioning programs.

(E) The ability of current activities to increase continuation rates for ethnic and gender specific members of the Armed Forces.

(F) The benefits of conducting an annual conference attended by civilian military , active-duty and retired military , and corporate leaders on diversity , to include a review of current policy and the annual demographic data from the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute.

(G) The status of prior recommendations made to the Department of Defense and to Congress concerning diversity initiatives within the Armed Forces.

H) The incorporation of private sector practices that have been successful in cultivating diverse leadership .

(I) The establishment and maintenance of fair promotion and command opportunities for ethnic and gender specific members of the Armed Forces at the O-5 grade level and above.

(J) An assessment of pre-command billet assignments of ethnic-specific members of the Armed Forces.

(K) An assessment of command selection of ethnic-specific members of the Armed Forces.

(3) CONSULTATION WITH PRIVATE PARTIES- In carrying out the study under this subsection, the commission may consult with appropriate private, for profit, and non-profit organizations and advocacy groups to learn methods for developing, implementing, and sustaining senior diverse leadership within the Department of Defense.

(e) Reports-

(1) IN GENERAL- Not later than 12 months after the date on which the
commission first meets, the commission shall submit to the President and
Congress a report on the study. The report shall include the following:

(A) the findings and conclusions of the commission ;

(B) the recommendations of the commission for improving diversity within
the Department of Defense; ...
That can only be done with quotas - well beyond the "soft quotas" that exist right now.

Even more people will falsely label their ethnicity. Mixed race people will be forced to classify themselves - or others will classify them to meet the needs of the Service. Rich, poor, smart, dumb - won't matter. Performance won't make a difference. It will all be how the Eugenics Commissariat puts you down.

This will increase racial tension. This will move us backwards. This will sprout conflict. This in un-American.

If orders come out of this, I know a few lawyers who can classify it as an unlawful order. Maybe that is the point I take one of the options mentioned by CJCS last week WRT politics - as this is simply identity politics and racism pure and simple.

That is what you get with Democrats in power. Consider yourself on notice.

Hat tip OPNAV spy.

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