Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sir, might be time to retire ....

Future home to the 3,000NM screwdriver.

From one of my OPNAV (I have three of you BTW, ya'll should get together and get a beer or sump'n once you find each other) spies comes what I will assume is a correct report - because I have no reason to believe otherwise.

Someone needs to recalibrate their baseline a bit now that they have a star, methinks. Maybe he was trained by Sestak....

An excerpt from RDML FXXXXX's email... (Ignore obvious grammatical and spelling errors)
What would you normally expect to find hanging on a restroom wall? Don’t have an answer, well how about 50 boogers - doubt know of a clearer wazy of saying it? Yes, 50 boogers artfully placed just above the urinals inside a first floor men’s restroom. It was discovered by a facility team member during a daily walk thru inspection. Somebody has a lot of time on their hands, or better yet their fingers. As all of you know, we are striving to make our workplace world class. This is simply unacceptable behavior for anywhere and demonstrates the absurdity of how one of our fellow workers is conducting himself. We now get the wonderful opportunity to ask another human being to clean up the resultant mess that he created. Consider what NAVSEA is viewed as when this gets spoken about in other Commands on the WNY and elsewhere. Also, while dropping paper towels on the restroom floor may not be as disgusting of an activity, the outward appearance we present to those that service us is very much the same. Consider the appearance that you present when you go through your day and ask yourself if there is anything that you can do to help out the situation, and if nothing else, what activity you can stop doing. If you see trash lying on the floor, please take the 2 seconds it takes to pick it up and put it in a trash can. ‘Nuff said.

Hey! 'Nuff said is one of my tag-lines. NAVSEA boogers. Better to have them in the head the buggers.
UPDATE: Perry earns a special award. See the comments, or just read below.
I read the blog today oh, boy!
Fifty boogers above the urinal.
And though the boogers were rather small,
He had to count them all.
Now he knows how many boogers it takes to fill the men's head wall.
I'd love to

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