Thursday, August 26, 2004

McPeak Speaks II – Electric Boogaloo

Congrats Bucket-o-FOD, you are a first return visitor to The Wall of Shame!!!!

Can this guy get any worse? So, really
General-of-the-Easter-Airlines-Uniform, what job are you selling your soul for? SECDEF? AirFarce Secretary? Or are you looking more at the historical buy off of Admiral Crowe to the Court of St. James.

Yep, that sounds more like it. It would fit that pompous-ass attitude of yours.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Europe: Time to Start Paying Your Own Tab

Great article in the UK Telegraph about the 170,000 Americans in the Occupation Army, family, and support staff heading home. For way too long the Europeans have been living off the American defense dole. It will be better for both of us.

Maybe in the future the leaders of many of their political class will quit acting like a bunch of cuckolds.

A spoiled child becomes a much better family member once they are forced out of the house and lean to stand on their own two feet, earn a living, and
be their own man.

Oh, and don’t even get me started with

Monday, August 16, 2004

Iraq War and Re-enlistments

Can we all agree that another “myth” from the anti-military types is just plain wrong:


There, don’t you feel better?

Re-enlistments in the
Army as well as the Navy, Marines and Air Force are all up and on target.

We know what we are doing is important and we are successful at it. Why doesn’t the mainstream press know it as well?

You know why. If you need help, you can start reading
here and here. Then do a Google search.

Friday, August 13, 2004

(mis)RULE (of) BRITANNIA(s armed forces)

The ever thin red line thins, and thins.

If the clueless folks at the Treasury in London don’t review their stilted sense of history soon, the only waves Britain will be ruling will the trout steams in Scotland where they will make their last stand from the conquering horde that will come their way. Power abhors a vacuum. Aggression is attracted to weakness.

My dear British mother, you rely on the military might of America for your freedom at your own peril. Continental Europeans hate you only second to Americans, and will never fight to defend you. We Americans are often a few thousand votes away from a path towards the isolation of the early 1900’s. Never forget that.

In spite of the fact that the British armed forces AS A WHOLE are little bigger than the US Marine Corps, and their 100,000 man (and woman) army is ½ the size it was 25 years ago, they are about to
cut it even further.

This is important is the era where everyone wants a “coalition”. The British are the only other country besides the US that can project power to any extent: even now they can barely do it alone, and cannot sustain operations for any length of time.

After these cuts, they will be of little major use anywhere. They will shortly become an adjunct to OUR Marine Corp as auxiliary troops. And remember, THEY ARE OUR MOST CAPABLE ALLY.

What a shame. The cancerous tumor of the welfare state has caused a once great nation to forfeit any chance it could stand alone.

The UK is truly the last bastion of European strength, and it appears they have caught the Dutch disease.

Everyone stop and look around - you are at a turning point in history. Demographically and culturally Europe is on its deathbed. Our grandchildren will not recognize what even now is becoming little more than a collection of “museum states” populated with aged slaves to the state and a rapidly growing sub-culture from Arabia and North Africa that will not wait long for their turn at power.

EU, take good notes of your time in Bosnia and be careful how you judge Serbia. Starting with France, in the next century, that is your future.

As always, you have to go back to the music to finish off a proper post with a thin layer of cheese. That crusty old Marxist, and exceptionally talented musician, Bob Geldof put it down right in the 1980’s with the Boomtown Rats:

Boomtown Rats
» Another Piece Of Red

I was reading in New Zealand
about Ian Smith
I was thinking they were lucky to be rid of that shit.
The people here can still believe in stiff lips and stiff collars
They're speaking deals in English
But they're making deals in dollars.
They're breaking up an empire
Nobody's buying British
They're calling for an umpire
Nobody's playing cricket
The flags are coming down
everybody stands saluting
But somewhere in the distance, I can hear somebody
And another piece of red left my atlas today.
It's so long Hong Kong and no more Singapore
Those steaming nights of Malta
Goodbye Gibraltar
I'll give you arms for Africa
I'm hungry for India
The sun's set on Australia
And vive le Canada
They’re breaking up an empire
Nobody's buying British
Calling for an umpire
It really isn't cricket
The flags are coming down
There's a minimum of looting
Somewhere in the distance I can see somebody shooting
And another piece of red left my atlas today.........

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Lieutenant General Gard, US Army, (ret) "America Sux"

General, congratulations!!! You have made it to the Wall of Shame.

What happens when you take bitterness, disappointment, excessive self-esteem, a blovating ego, and stir it up in a soup of Ivy League self-importance?

Looks like you get retired Lieutenant General Robert Gard who, it seems, is making a living being the “House General” for the hate-America-blame-America-first crowd.

The latest anti-American steamer coming out of the good general is to join in on the anti-AMB crowd, talking bad about his country and its military on
foreign ground.

Here is a beaut from his addled mind,

"Any country that launched such a missile would run the risk of a retaliatory attack that would be tantamount to annihilation."

OK General, so what you are saying is that is that North Korean crackpot decides to launch 5 of his missiles at the West Coast for whatever reason; we can assume that 3 will malfunction and 2 will head to California unmolested. Instead of having a good chance to bring them down and prevent loss of US and Korean lives, it is better to allow a few million Californians to die and to follow up by killing millions of Koreans? What????

Anyway, I have already spend enough time with this Harvard PhD, but here is a list of his other projects:

- Wanting to be nice to Milosevic and admit that we are bad for doing what we did in Kosovo (the poorly run campaign is a valid argument, just General Gard is off center in his analysis).
- Hanging out with
Senator Harkin about landmines.
- Second guessing our pilots in Iraq and
calling them murderers.
- Accusing the US on not giving a damn about civilian casualties (
that’s right General, we paint dead babies on our aircraft).
- Investing time with the poorly named wingnuts in the
Vietnam Veterans of American Foundation as their “Senior Military Advisor”.
- Chilling with the guys at anti-Iraq
Veterans for Common Sense

Gee wiz General, next thing you know you will be hanging out with those classic hate-America Fifth Columnist retired Flags at the Center for Defense Information. At least you aren’t a leader for Center for Arms Control and Non-proliferation. Oh, wait, YOU ARE!!!!

You know General, if you invested half the time worrying about minimizing the deaths of American soldiers as you did about the deaths of non-combatants, I might have more respect for you. As it stands right now, you seem to get a high out of proving to everyone how CONCERNED, how CARING, how SELF-HATING you are. I am sure you feel quite happy being the pet war criminal at the parties you attend in LA, San Francisco, Boston, Cambridge, New York City, and The Hamptons. Just remember, deep down, behind your back; not only do they loath you, they have no respect for you because you not only turned your back on your fellow Soldiers, you stabbed them in the back.

Then again, being that you learned your trade on the knee of that
butcher McNamara, I guess that explains a lot.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Unfrozen Caveman Anti-war Philosophy

Senator Kerry, as a possible future Commander in Chief; STOP THIS MADNESS.

Hey, lets all go home and turn it over to NATO and make friends with France and Germany is great, but lets do it after VICTORY. In any event, NATO can barely support Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan as it is. Nice idea, but the facts on the ground make your proposal a dead letter. These are not the European armies of the first half of the 20th century. Most of them cannot transport themselves off the European continent.

If the enemy knows we will stay in large numbers until they are defeated, they will either quit, or fight and die. Both are good outcomes.

If they know we want out based on a calendar, they will attack to get us to leave earlier, or just sit tight, rest, rearm, and resume the attack when we leave.

This isn’t War College PhD stuff, any Marine Option ROTC type can tell you that. There is plenty or room here to make proposals, but this isn’t it.

Please tell me your foreign policy crew can do better. A lot of us see the pointy end of a dagger pointed in our back, again. Show us is it isn’t true. You may very well win in November. Let us know you have a plan for victory; to do otherwise is to spit on the graves of those who have fallen.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

LT Kerry's Shipmates Tell Sea Stories

OK, all Sailors love to tell sea stories. "Hey John, remember that time we took the Skipper across the "Shit River" after the Change of Command and ended up at that "Off Limits" bar outside Olongapo!!!! What a hoot that place was." Bla, bla bla.

Anyway, they can go on for hours. I don't think Senator Kerry expected his shipmates to pass
on these memories. Ouch.

They have a book out. I'll report, you decide. Could be my next Commander in Chief, so let me add some balance as well.

Hopefully, I haven't left enough evidence in my past to write a book. Makes me glad I burned all those photos .........

Monday, August 02, 2004

Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part III

Coming soon to and island near you: if you live in the Formosa Strait.

This is the view Sunday from Hong Kong. A classic case of boiling the frog. Bit by bit their "freedom" "granted" to them starts to go.

The smart ones moved to Vancouver.

In the words of the great American poet, Trent Reznor

Bow down before the one you serve
You're going to get
What you deserve

- Head Like a Hole

Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part II

James Joyner over at Tech Central Station blasts it out of the ball park. China is the Long Game. They know it.

The French, the British, and the Tripolitans "misunderestimated" our young Navy. We should be wise not to do the same to a rising power.

Listen carefully; the leaves are making noise behind you again.

McPeak Speaks: babbling blame-America first: “The Emergence of the Manly Man” in the campaign, again.

Congrats General McPeak, you are #2 on the Wall of Shame!

From the man that was mostly concerned with outfitting AirFarce officers with
“Eastern Airlines” surplus uniforms, making sure everyone’s chest hair showed, and generally thought fighter pilots were the only truly perfect beings, we now have more idiotic “Wall of Shame” worthy garbage coming out of his overly inflated melon.

To wit:
At the DNC in Boston he stated during an interview that the United States policy is responsible for terrorism. That by attacking terrorists we are just making more.

What a plain old idiotic statement. Everything is our fault. I guess if we just turned everything over to the UN and came home terrorism would end, right Tony?

Well, General Tony McPeak (USAF Ret) was one of Dean’s advisors before he signed on with Senator Kerry’s campaign.

BTW: The AirFarce’s new “Tiger Stripe” uniforms in comforting “Ocean Blue” and “Sunset Turquoise”
are a bust with the troops. I love to make fun of the AirFarce, but there are some true 100# balls warfighters in the U.S. Air Force (props to my A-10 bubbas), hopefully they will win this one.

Stand-by Shipmate, We're Coming to Take You Home

For over 40 years, they have been on the Kronborg glacier in Greenland waiting for their country to come and take them home. While flying on a very cold North Atlantic day on 12 JAN 62, these 12 men perished during the a Cold War mission our of Iceland.

In 1966, we managed to bring some remains of 7 out of the 12 home. After that, the other 5 have sat on that glacier, waiting. As early as 1995, human remains could be seen. A great summary
here of the men, the mission, the plane, and the efforts, however few, to do the right thing. Another solid summary here with pictures of the 1966 "recovery" and some graphic descriptions of what was seen then, and 1995. For the perspective of the family members, this says it all.

For those of my generation, the young men who lost their lives on that JAN day were our fathers, and uncles. The national shame is that we have allowed so much time go by, letting the dishonor of leaving our dead on the field continue.

Well, cheer-up. This AUG, CAPT Tom Sparks USCG is leading a solid effort to bring everyone home. After 38 years, we are making another attempt to bring LA-8, and the VP-5 crew of P-2V 131521 home. Godspeed and good luck.

Thanks to
VPNAVY for all the hard work keeping this on the front burner. If you are interested in seeing who is still waiting, this link outlines who is at Arlington National Cemetery, who is buried at home, and who is still waiting on the Kronborg glacier.