Saturday, June 14, 2008

A flip-flop I could live with...

Hey, it takes a man to admit that he was wrong after being told the facts by a woman. That, at least, is what Mrs. Salamander tells me.

One of K-Lo's readers hits the nail on the head,
McCain should flip-flop on ANWR by claiming while meeting with Gov. Palin of Alaska she informed him of the issue at hand in detail(with facts he was ‘previously unaware of or misinformed on’) and combined with Americans now hurting at the ‘pump’ he now sees he should support drilling, blah, blah. Frame it around Energy Independence, make it a national security issue as well as economic and then make sure to include that we can still seek alternative sources while drilling domestically at the same time, etc……this issue has legs and there is nothing the Democrats can do to counter it. Sure it would be a flip-flop but it wouldn’t matter since on this issue the moderates are flip-flopping on it also, it’s a populist issue.

Then he should nominate Palin as his VP, and together they adopt Newts “Drill Here, Drill Now…” campaign, her having ‘absolute moral authority’ on the matter being the popular Gov. from Alaska. Plus of course she is an evangelical Christian, a woman(target Hillary supporters), pro-life and has solid limited govt. credentials…..she has all the positives except for not being from a purple state, but I think she makes up for that.

Seems like a No-Brainer to me………if McCain would like to actually be President and Commander in Chief.
...and you know what I think of Gov. Palin (R-AK).

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