Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Funnies

Note to my regular readers,

I am about to head into the "land of no blogg'n" again. Instead of a "darken ship," "open post" or "EMCON A" post, I have decided to put a few things up for scheduled posting. Autopilot blogg'n if you will. Some have been in draft for awhile, some I have put up over the last few weeks. They will publish on their own - and there will be 1 to 3 every day
, no repeats. Usual subjects, plus a couple of jewels you don't want to miss.

Being that most all of my regulars read the Sunday Funnies, I wanted to let you know ahead of time that there is a reason my posts don't seem to have as many "late breaking news" items. You have a right to know why I'm not doing my usual news scans and also why I don't comment back. So forgive me if some bolt out of the blue happens and you don't see anything here, or I don't respond with brevity and glee to a provocation prior to about the 25th.

Therefor, you can consider every post an "Open Post," but forgive me if I do not weigh. For those who email on a regular basis, I ask that you hold your fire until the 25th. You can also stand fast with the N1-esque grammar and spelling corrections, I won't be able to fix any of them until I return.

I also ask that the regulars help me police the comments. I won't be able to delete the spammers and the insane - therefor feel free to crush the Moonbats and haters as needed.


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