Saturday, June 14, 2008

SECNAV: is this clear enough MIDN?

BZ, again, to SECNAV winter.
"He will report to his ship as ordered," said Cmdr. Jeff Davis, a Navy spokesman.

Harris, a native of Ocala, Fla., who played high school ball in North Carolina, was selected in the 13th round with the 395th pick overall. He was the second-highest pick in program history.

Harris is scheduled to report Monday to the amphibious transport ship Ponce, which is homeported in Norfolk.

Before yesterday's decision, Harris told the Virginian-Pilot newspaper that he thought there are "different ways" to juggle military service and a sports career.
Ummmm, no. Jeffy baby; take it away!
"Bottom line is, we're a nation at war and as a nation at war we believe it is inappropriate for Navy and Marine Corps personnel to be released from service obligation to play sports at a time other sailors and Marines are carrying out their service obligations," Davis said.
Full stop.
Winter suspended all early releases from active duty for professional sports in January 2007. Previously, officers could serve 24 months and apply for an early release to pursue "an activity with potential recruiting or public affairs benefit to the Navy and Marine Corps."
This is why it is called "The Service." We have been at war since 2001 - 7.5 years ago. MIDN Harris joined 4 years ago.

No explanation needed - unless you have a peacetime mindset.

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