Monday, June 09, 2008

Ship, Shipmate, Self?

Ungh; what fresh h311 is this?

Huh - I guess they must have missed
the lecture.
2008 Sea Service Women's Leadership Symposium to Be Held in July
Story Number: NNS080605-14
Release Date: 6/5/2008 4:04:00 PM

By Lt. Cmdr. Elizabeth Zimmermann, Chief of Naval Personnel, Diversity Directorate
WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The Navy is encouraging individuals at all levels throughout the Navy and Coast Guard to attend the annual women's leadership symposium July 10-11 at the National Conference Center in Landsdowne, Va.

This year's theme is "Informed Decisions: Making a Personal and Professional Commitment to Yourself."

"Enabling women to meet their full potential in the Navy is very important to us," said Vice Adm. John Harvey Jr., Director, Navy Staff, and host of the symposium. "This symposium offers an opportunity for women of all ranks to interact while addressing topics of importance to all, and engage in activities designed to enrich their personal and professional lives."

Designed to foster educational and career development as well as provide networking and mentoring opportunities, the symposium contains discussion of topics relevant to women at all phases in their lives and careers.

Event topics include: Paths to Career and Personal Success, Health and Fitness, Financial Management, and Finding Work-Life Balance. Attendees will receive copies of books by two of the symposium's highlighted speakers "From Boomers to Bloggers," by Misti Burmeister, President and CEO, Inspirion, Inc.; and "Work+Life: Finding the fit that's right for you," by Cali Yost, president and CEO, Work+Life Fit, Inc.

The 2008 Women's Leadership Symposium is jointly sponsored by the Navy Office of Women's Policy, the Coast Guard Women's Leadership Association and the Sea Services Leadership Association. More information and registration details available online at
Following their advice is a great way to be the "#1 MP."

Do the
Diversity Bullies and Feminist-Sexists realize how much messages like that actually hurt women in the Navy? Guess not. Anyway; perhaps we should pass the hat and send Skippy.
UPDATE: Speaking of "Ship, Shipmate, Self," here is a quote from Misti's website that VADM Harvey, USN recommends our female leaders as " opportunity for women of all ranks..."
"When everything in your life centers around that which is most important to you, you have reached success."
Self centered, narcissistic female leaders. Yep, that helps the Navy. That will help Diversity opinions in the Fleet. That will break negative stereotypes. Looking through that site, there is nothing there I would ever recommend to my daughters, or that the very accomplished Mrs. Salamander would hold in anything but contempt. Mama Salamander - breaker of glass ceilings for her generation - would probably just say, "Silly mumbo-jumbo."

VADM Harvey, next time I see you I will buy you a drink. You don't have to say thanks or spark a conversation, just enjoy the drink. Single Malt on me.

Hat tip Mike.

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