Monday, June 16, 2008

Maritime Strategy Monday: This is how it should be done

I weep, no - I hunger for something I can hold up (besides the 1/3 of our new Maritime Strategy that is actually of use) - something I can give to every Sailor and say without reservation or caveat, "Read this for starters .... "

As we know, the latest version ot The Maritime Strategy just isn't it. It doesn't make Officers, Enlisted, Industry, or Congress know much of anything about the why or how we need a Navy. The 1980s version was close, but the 2008 is neither fish nor fowl. We simply do not have a document that fits the need we so desperately have. In this vast darkness, I have found a candle though. Sadly, it isn't from the U.S. Navy. Lucky for you, it isn't written in German (hard to get the umlauts to work on a US English keyboard) either.

Mostly do to the poor resourcing and support by almost a decade and a half of Labour Party mis-rule, the royal Navy has issues and challenges on a grand scale, but what it has retained is its intellectual capital. Though a different concept and a different mandate than The Maritime Strategy - I have stumbled across something that as I read it, kept my head nod'n "yes" and my pride hurt that we in the USN don't even come close to being as well grounded and clear about what we are.

I offer you the 2004 vintage BR1806 British Maritime Doctrine, Third Edition. What jumps out first and foremost is the clear, direct language with a distinct lack of jargon, Bu11sh1t Bingo Buzz Words, and consultant speak. For just a sample, click here for the Forward and see for yourself. Second, it is founded in the lessons and examples from history that is so easily available, but so readily thrown away by our transformationalist cult.

I recommend you get a copy for yourself. You can order it directly from the British Government via The Stationary Office for £18.00, or there are a couple for a few dollars more (with shipping probably the same) at Amazon. Just to tease you some more, I'll sprinkle a few jewels from it over the next week or so.

I wish I could put this in everyone's hands, but I need a few more months tax free to make that happen.....

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