Wednesday, June 25, 2008

They can have a few of our Admirals

Right call by the White House.
The Office of Management and Budget, President Bush's administrative arm, has shot down a service plan to add five active-duty generals who would oversee purchasing and monitor contractor performance.

The boost in brass was a key recommendation from a blue-ribbon panel that last fall criticized the Army for contracting failures that undermined the war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan, wasted U.S. tax dollars, and sparked dozens of procurement fraud investigations.

As the Army's contracting budget ballooned — from $46 billion in 2002 to $112 billion in 2007 — it had too few experienced people negotiating and buying equipment and supplies, according to the panel.
GOFO bloat is a cancer.

I have a better idea or two:
  1. Have a 5-year moritorium against GOFO and SES from working in "industry" after they leave gov'munt service.
  2. Prosecute the cr@p out of every case of abuse - off the top rope.

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