Saturday, June 14, 2008

The $4 floor

Just so you know it just isn't me. Charles Krauthammer is exactly right.
Announce a schedule of gas tax hikes of 50 cents every six months for the next two years. And put a tax floor under $4 gasoline, so that as high gas prices transform the U.S. auto fleet, change driving habits and thus hugely reduce U.S. demand -- and bring down world crude oil prices -- the American consumer and the American economy reap all of the benefit.

Herewith concludes my annual exercise in futility. By the time I write next year's edition, you'll be paying for gas in bullion.
Read it all if you haven't clicked the link already.

Cowboy-up and get with the program. Don't take up a habit you can't afford. Here, I'll help; times like this you always need to go back to the classics.

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