Monday, June 09, 2008

Where is Tim, Galrahn and my beer?

Because some folks owe us a few. From Tim's playpen,
On April 17, the Navy and Lockheed Martin joined forces to dispute my suggestion that there was no chance of LCS 1 being delivered this summer, or even this year.
“We’re on track for trials beginning in May. We’re on track for a summer 2008 delivery,” said Diana Massing, a spokeswoman for Lockheed Martin. “LCS 1 starts builder’s trials next month and is scheduled to deliver in August 2008,” declared Lt. Cmdr. John Schofield, a Navy spokesman.

Well, let's see. The machinery trials are now scheduled for July, builder's trials for August, acceptance trials for September and delivery for October, so that's a slip of three months just since six weeks ago. At that rate, they are on track for delivery some time next summer. If they "deliver" this year, you can bet that it will be an incomplete ship.
He asks my favorite question.
Has anyone been fired yet?
Last week, Galrahn caught Tim's bombshell, "Teh heh."
Marinette's Superintendent of Tests and Trials left today: he quit.
Hate to say I told you years ago, but ...

Hat tip Mike.

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