Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Restaurant or hospital?

Which is harder? May want to ask your Senator who wants a single payer system.
Year after year, decade upon decade, the U.S. Senate's network of restaurants has lost staggering amounts of money -- more than $18 million since 1993, according to one report, and an estimated $2 million this year alone, according to another.

The financial condition of the world's most exclusive dining hall and its affiliated Capitol Hill restaurants, cafeterias and coffee shops has become so dire that, without a $250,000 subsidy from taxpayers, the Senate won't make payroll next month.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), chairman of the Rules and Administrations Committee, which oversees the operation of the Senate, said she had no choice.

"It's cratering," she said of the restaurant system. "Candidly, I don't think the taxpayers should be subsidizing something that doesn't need to be. There are parts of government that can be run like a business and should be run like businesses."
Socialism in a nutshell. I hope she takes this lesson on board, but I doubt it.

Funny, this is the same gov'munt that wants to have control over your health care, and generally tell you how to do or not do most of the rest of your life as well.

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