Saturday, May 07, 2005

USAF convenes anonymous Sharia Court to prepare fatwa against prostylitizing Christians

All right, I made up the Sharia part, but everything else is spot on.

The Air Force refused Thursday to release names and religious affiliation of task force members who will review faith bias allegations at the Air Force Academy.

The service also downplayed the panel’s role, which it said this week will review the school’s religious climate.

After my first post, I though that would be the end of this subject, but I was wrong. Hugh Hewitt on his blog and his column on The Weekly Standard online is keeping this on the front burner; where it belongs.

No kidding, the USAF is putting together an anonymous panel to “investigate.” This has PC witch hunt written all over it.

“I’d have to hope the Air Force doesn’t try to whitewash this task force, and if they do, that will become obvious and we will act accordingly,” said Americans United spokesman Rob Boston. “We are counting on the Air Force to do this job right. If they do a cursory examination, it’s only going to make matters worse.”

Boston also said his organization has received e-mails in the past week from active-duty and former members of the Air Force, other service academies and government agencies “complaining of similar problems at military bases.”

“This may be a wider problem than some misunderstandings at the academy,” he said, and Americans United will investigate if the complaints appear to be serious.

So, who is the first one at the stake? Why it is one of the 2004 Distinguished Military Chaplains, Chaplain Major Warren Watties, USAF. He is a minister in the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, by the way. For those not in the know (I am not a member), this is not the Unitarian-Universalist Church. Do you think you are going to hear about prostylitizing from him at his services? What do you think?

Will the USAF Sharia Court determine that this is no longer an approved denomination? Are the “Catholic Discovery” classes held onboard ship and ashore next (I'm not Catholic either)? I can’t believe that this is happening in my America. Well, yes I can. I will only fall into despair for my country if AUSPC wins.

Air Force Views is probably right; the truth is somewhere in the middle. Time is late, and it is time to pick sides though. This is not going down without a fight, as long as someone in the civilian leadership in the Pentagon has a spine. Capt. Watties, our prayers are with you, but being that you are a Foursquare minister and were prior enlisted in the Marines, you’re tough enough and more than ready for what man can throw at you.

UPDATE: Time to set back and let this stew for awhile. Greyhawk
has a great comment thread with Buzz Patterson and a USAF Chaplain weighing in. At least for me, this puts me at the 20 DME holding until something new comes up.


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