Monday, May 16, 2005

Battle for the Ivory Tower

A sub theme of this blog is the battle for Western Civilization and the core of Western culture in general. After all, if you don’t have liberty, justice, and progress; the best Navy in the world is a worthless tool of oppression…..but I digress.

Often the isolation and general Moonbattery of the best institutions of higher learning in our country is a point of many a migrane and trip to the liquor cabinet. As much as I snark a bit with anti-snob attitide at them; they are important institutions that need to be fought for.

There is much reason to despair, but there are good people putting up the good fight – and now and then we score a victory.

One of our best institutions is
Dartmouth University. One of the good guys, Peter Robinson, was just elected along with another fellow travelwer to the Dartmouth College board of trustees. They were write-in, anti-establishment candidates with a radical agenda.
Todd Zywicki and me, … ran our campaigns independently of each other, but we both concentrated our attention on a couple of themes, including a demand for the College to sweep aside its de facto speech code in favor of true freedom of speech on campus. And we won.
Free speech. Radical.

Hey Moonbat, look: Free Speech – BOO! Ha, ha. Scared you.

Ain’t it grand to be on the Right side of history? I'll savor this, but,

"And miles to go before I sleep,
Miles to go before I sleep.

Hat tip The Corner.

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