Tuesday, May 03, 2005

If I could be....

FOD. I hate chain letters...but how can I say no to the Bookworm? I have been tagged by the scurge of the Left Coast...so here we go.

If I could be a farmer….I would have about 1,000 acres in North Central Florida on the Suwannee River with at least a 20 acre pond. About 500 acres would be in rotation tree farming, 100 acres untouched bottom land near the river, 200 acres of open fields for my herd of long-horned "Cracker Cattle” and dairy-goats (for my goat-milk soap), and the rest in corn, a private veggie garden, and about 10 acres of the best scuppernong grapes in the country.

If I could be a missionary…I would set up shop in an abandoned London church (lots of those) and hit the clubbing scene with the “find happiness yet” line. Talk about the belly of the beast.

If I could be an athlete…I would be the world’s Sporting Clays champ.

If I could be a professor…I would teach Freshman Micro and Macro Economics.

If I could be married to any current famous political figure…the last thing I would remember as I lay in a pool of my own blood is the present Mrs. Salamander standing over me saying, “How do you reload this damn thing?”
I hereby tag Skippy, Ninme, and WAY out NZ way the first person to buy my blog shares, Kathryn. I would send to 74, Bubblehead, Scott, and Eagle1, but those Old Salts would tease me for playing with girls.

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