Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Denmark Cowboy-ups

Some of our allies have left before the job was done, wavered a tad, or left the field with shame.

The Danes
, once again showing the Viking blood is still flowing, decide to do the right thing and see this through.

The Danish government said Wednesday that the mission of Denmark's 530 troops in southern Iraq would be extended until Feb. 1. ... "The goal is to help with the security and strengthen the training efforts so the Iraqi security forces can become mobile and strong enough to handle the security tasks."
The Danes get it.

They could have backed out quietly when this tour was done. They don't have to do this. They want to do this.

Also yesterday, Denmark's Queen Margrethe attends a ceremony commemorating the 60th anniversary of Germany's surrender at the end of World War Two at Mindelunden, north of Copenhagen. Connected? Probably not, but it is important to remember that in living memory, the Danes know what it is to live under terror.

Well done, thanks; we're keeping our racially insensative mascots anyway though.

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