Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Left jab from France - Waiting for the Dutch power hand

Well, that was interesting. Wait for 01 JUN to see what my friends the Dutch do.

Last month I said,
If the French say "Non" and the Dutch say "Nee"; in three months we could see the death of "Europe à la Française." I have my doubts, but; does anyone have an extra bottle of California Sparkling Wine just in case?
I don't know if we should be drinking yet. Some in Europe may decide to ignore the vox populi and force this "constitution" through one way or another.

I don't know enough about you, but I love the Red-Blue maps. Via Powerline here's a fun one.

Let's watch this play out. There are other things happening in Euroland as well. Interesting. Sell Euros.

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