Monday, May 09, 2005

Leftist multiculturalism – Ruin one country: leave ruin another

Blogging on the Dutch again. Rusty and OpinionBug link to Radio Netherlands about the Dutch leaving their soiled nest.

Like Californians
leaving the Leftist paradise of their creation to ruin other states; the Dutch bourgeois are voting with their feet.
Europe's pioneer for much of the last century in social experiments, it seems the Netherlands may now be pointing to the next cultural revolution: the bourgeois exodus. Escaping the stress of clogged roads, street violence and loss of faith in the country's once celebrated way of life, the Dutch are quitting their homeland in droves…. "Most of our applicants are in high-paying, good, solid positions here - they are not the unemployed. They are mostly middle-class Dutch people with college or university degrees […] The problem for the Netherlands is that the ones that they don't want to lose are the ones that are leaving."
But here is the kicker.
Some migrants are also voting with their feet against what they see as a multicultural experiment gone wrong,
The bad thing is that many of the Dutch leading “experts” on this like Henri Beunders, Professor of history, media and culture at Erasmus University in Rotterdam are totally without clue, or courage, about the dangers of a hostile culture festering inside a compliant host.
So should the Dutch government be worried about this flight of the well-educated middle classes? Professor Beunders thinks not. He says others who immigrate to the Netherlands will replace the Dutch who leave:
"It will make things a bit more complicated because you have to integrate an even greater number of foreigners into your own country, with all the very complicated regulation systems we have in this country. Growing mobility on the other hand is also a good sign of the growing unification of Europe and understanding of people - I hope."
This is not going to get better if this guy makes or influences policy. The Netherlands has the leaders it needs; they just need to recognise it.

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