Tuesday, May 24, 2005

From the Jaws of Victory

Too much reading material, too little time. Cleaning up the den tonight I found my 09 MAY Investors Business Daily that I forgot to read. It isn't available online, but at the bottom of an editorial page, they write something that needs repeating well and often because they don't teach it in schools, and you won't see it on TV. Here are the juicy parts.
Napoleon is said to have observed that “history is a set of lies agreed upon.” There is no better example of this than in how modern-day pundits have rewritten the history of the Vietnam War.

..by March 1972, when the North Vietnamese launched a conventional assault dubbed the Easter Offensive. With American air support, the South Vietnamese Army was able to hold on to every one of 44 provincial capitals except Quang Tri, which was later retaken. … but in 1975, the post-Watergate Democratic majority in the Senate (61 to 37) and House (291 to 144) voted to cut off all aid to South Vietnam, despite the fact that the 1973 Paris Peace Accords called specifically for “unlimited military replacement aid” for South Vietnam.

This time there would be no American sir support or aide. It was congressional Democrats and their allies in the media, … who ensured South Vietnam’s defeat and ushered in an era of mass carnage, boat people and re-education camps that resulted in more deaths after the war than during it.

After Saigon’s “liberation” the summary executions of tens of thousands of South Vietnamese began. Hundreds of thousands more were forced into re-education camps as 1 million boat people fled on anything that would float, with countless thousands perishing in the South China Sea. And let us not forget the killing fields of Cambodia, where 3 million were slaughtered.
This is one reason why, though I understand the anger of the Not One Dime folks, I will not join, support, or advertise it more than I already have. I will not be part of something that leads to the many of the same Senators from '75 gaining power again. There are more things going on here than politics. Never let the perfect be the enemy of the good. At this time in our Nation's history; the Senate moves further Left at our own peril. Don't send individual Senators money; fine. Tell Senator Frist to not even bother thinking about '08; fine. But a total ban on support? Harumph - I'm not throwing that temper tantrum.

BTW, if you don't subscribe to Investors Business Daily, you are literally poorer for it.

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