Wednesday, May 04, 2005

USAF Academy = Theocracy

Oh, give me a frigg’n break. If you needed any more proof that the pretty boys in blue have too much time on their hands, here’s something to chew on:
The Air Force said yesterday it is creating a task force to address the religious climate at the U.S. Air Force Academy, following allegations that its faculty and staff have pressured cadets to convert to evangelical Christianity.

The acting secretary of the Air Force, Michael L. Dominguez, ordered the task force to make a preliminary assessment by May 23 of the religious atmosphere on the Colorado Springs campus and its "relevance . . . to the entire Air Force." He named Lt. Gen. Roger A. Brady, the Air Force deputy chief of staff for personnel, to head the effort.
Don’t these people know there is a war on? Don’t they have better things to do? So, who started this fatwa? Washington-based group Americans United for Separation of Church and State issued a 14-page report charging that there is "systematic and pervasive religious bias and intolerance at the highest levels of the Academy command structure. You know, one of the best conversationalist on the USS Enterprise in the late ‘90s was the Catholic Chaplain. Every night we had a prayer on the ship. Sure the Catholic Chaplain spent half his time talking about sports (as an Irish-Catholic Bostonian only can), and his “Catholic Discovery” classes were so successful the Bishop in charge of all Military Chaplains came on board to see the action. Did I put down my snakes and become a Papist? Noooo. Did the Presbyterian Chaplains complain? Unofficially, yes – he was making too many Catholics. Yea, but he was a man’s man – and an outstanding officer.

I’m getting off point here. There is religion all in the military, always has been. Off duty, individually may talk to you about their beliefs – but no one ever is forced to do anything. When the good Bishop was talking to a group of us to see if there was anyone interested in the priesthood (hey, I don’t care what denomination they are; an entertaining, knowledgeable man of good repute is almost always good company – especially if they buy the first round), did I get my heretical Protestant self is a snit and run to the Skipper that a man in a funny collar was trying to convert me? No. Did I complain to Senator Warner when he visited next week that the Big “E” was a floating seminary? No. Did the two Jews, a Moslem, and a scattering of agnostics in the room get bothered either? No. Why? Because I know it is freedom OF religion not FROM religion.

The report said that during basic training, cadets who declined to go to chapel after dinner were organized into a "Heathen Flight" and marched back to their dormitories.
Snicker. That is an upperclassman with a sense of humor, not some Zoomie Torquemada. Lighten up folks.
"The place is being held hostage in a vise grip by evangelical Christians, and people are terrified to come forward," he said. While welcoming the creation of the task force, Weinstein said it was not yet clear who would be appointed to it.
Give me a break. What an insecure little coward.
In a statement yesterday, the Air Force said it discovered "perceptions of religious bias" during a 2004 survey in which some cadets complained that evangelical Christians were pressuring Jews and other Christians. The statement said the Air Force had since made "considerable efforts" to address the situation, including launching a training program called RSVP, for Respecting the Spiritual Values of all People.
Ummmm yep. If you have Christians in your organization, and you spend 24/7 around them, being that Christianity by its nature is proselytizing, someone somewhere at sometime is going to be witnessed to. Not in an official manner, but unofficial. Also, if a Christian is asked, why shouldn’t he say he is born again? Why deny himself or his Savior? Are you going to force him not to talk about what is the most important thing in his life, if asked? If so, what have you done to his freedom of religion? Sticky wicket Mr, Weinstein, sticky wicket. Oh, the RSVP…..what a touchy feely nightmare. Another reason to go ROTC. Enjoy college, my pre-saved self did.

I bet you a round of brews at The Boar's Breath that this will be a huge waste of money and will result in REAL oppression of religion at Colorado Springs…..against Christians talking about their faith.

The military does not push religion on anyone, it gets out of the way. There is a lot of religion is the military though. Being shot at will do that to a man. This has always been true in our military, and we have a great history of being tolerant of each other's proclivities - religious wise. If you want to destroy this history of allowing a person to demonstrate their faith while in service, then I recommend you start by getting a chisel and hammer.

Do want a military where religious belief is discouraged, or actively oppressed?

If you are easily offended by demonstrations of faith, insecure in your own faith, or too much of a coward to stand up for your faith – then sure, Mr. Weinstein, call your lawyers. When your son dies in service to your country, we will make sure that two
JAGs come to your door, and his funeral will be conducted by a JAG over at the gym. No uniforms will be allowed at the service, because someone might say a prayer. Putz.

UPDATE: It gets worse. Required reading on this subject. Higher Echelon bloggers have weighed in: Greyhawk's required reading here and here. Hugh Hewitt here. Hugh has an USAF memo on this bag of FOD. Phibian's theory on this, they have never invited the team from Yale Divinity School to watch over things as described by Hugh. That is like having Playboy running an "abstinence education" seminar. I can't add more than those two. A MUST READ!

UPDATE II-Electric Boogaloo: Welcome
Hugh Hewitt readers. Made a second pass at this today here. The more you dig, the nastier this CHT becomes.

UPDATE III: For those pinging in from outside links (thanks folks) this is Part 1 of a 3 part series. Here is Part II, and here is Part III.

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