Thursday, May 26, 2005

Taunted and baited by Mrs. Salamander

Yes, I heard it last night. There I was, watching, after what I saw earlier on it the week, what I thought would be one of the last Dead-Body-Dramas allowed in the Salamander household; and Mrs. Salamander spoke with a glee most heard when she knows a hot-button is going to be pressed and I spiral out of orbit – “Did you just hear that?”

“What?” I demurred, distracted by the editorial page of the
IBD (multi-tasking as usual), did she just say something about Tom Delay?

“Yep, she sure did. Something like about they should look for the guy shooting all the judges to be wearing a Tom DeLay t-shirt.”

Law & Order: Criminal Intent added to their sister shows a growing smear of anything and everything Republican or remotely to the right of Rep. Sanders (I-VT).

Mrs. Salamander issued a fatwa against that show, with the declaration,
“We watch too much TV anyway. We fuss at the children, we should practice what we fuss. I don’t think we need to watch that show next season.”
I know better than to argue with her. She has a good point, but L&O: CI was my favorite. OK, the lead is a bit kooky, but….

Oh well, time to move on.
Medium is good.

UPDATE: Thanks to the MRC you can watch the video here or just listen to it here. (NB: not me and the miss'us sitting on the couch, but the show-quote in question)

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