Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Photoblogging: Soul of the American Soldier

Picture released by the U.S. Army Tuesday, May 3, 2005 shows a U.S. Army soldier comforting a child fatally wounded in a car bomb blast in Mosul, 360 km (225 miles) northwest of Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, May 2, 2005. 15 Iraqis were wounded in the combined suicide bomb attack. (AP Photo/U.S. Army)

Pulitzer this. Put this on your cover. Standing by.

UPDATE:Just saw on Fox News (where else?) an interview of the guy who took this photo. He is freelance writer Michael Yon, embedded with a Stryker brigade in Mosul. He saw the whole thing happen. The homicide bomber drove THROUGH A GROUP OF PLAYING CHILDREN to get to the passing convoy of Stryker's. This little girl, who died later at a US Army hospital, was one of the little victims. The Soldier holding her is father of three, 35 yr old West Point grad Maj. Mark Bieger. Go to Michael's blog
. Great stories, perspective, pictures. Just added to my blogroll.

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