Monday, May 16, 2005

A sad day for American Muslims

This is just sad. Such a small turnout; such little support.

The folks at Free Muslims Against Terrorism gave a March Against Terrorism on the 14th. This was the turnout.

Davids Medientkritik has some better pics and commentary.

The War Against Muslim Extremism (lets be honest here: this isn’t a “Global War Against Terrorism”) is going to be a long one. The last one lasted a good 800 years or so from the time the Arab armies destroyed Christian Palestine, Mesopotamia, Syria, Egypt, The Maghreb, Byzantium, S.E. Europe, and the Iberian Peninsula until they were pushed back to more defensible borders.

Americans of the Muslim faith are at a tender moment. They are our neighbors, coworkers, and friends. What they need to do though is to turn to what the largest ethnic group in America did in the last century; turn against the evil aspects that hijacked their source culture, language, and country. I’m talking about Germans.

Unfortunately the identity politics and victim hood pimps are putting their efforts, money, interest, and concern with the German-American Bund….ummm….sorry, CAIR and their Fifth Column meeting.

Kamal Nawash is a brave American with the right idea at the right time. I just wish more of the American Muslim community and religious leaders would join him. Mr. Nawash and his organization are not perfect, nor do I agree with all their stands, but on balance they are a mainstream organization with the right focus for the time. Maybe there is a larger organization than his trying to do the right thing? I haven't seen one. But if this is it...

We are just one or two major attacks away from some very ugly backlash if the terrorists are found to be living and supported inside the American Muslim community, and the impression becomes that American Muslims are not Americans first. That has always been the deal. Japanese Americans shamed their countrymen last century by proving their Americanism first; even while their family members were behind barbed wire. God help any community that does not accept “the deal.” 150 years ago, my Southern ancestors learned the hard way what happens to folks that don’t stick with “the deal.” America is a different place than it was 65 or 150 years ago, but people and institutions are the same and the #1 rule is self preservation.

It is time to step up to the plate, or leave. This is serious business. Time is short.

Hat tip LGF.

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