Friday, May 06, 2005

USAF Academy vs. Yale Divinity School

Now that would be a fun football game to watch!

Ok, this is going to be a quick one, sharp and to the point building off a previous post.

The individual that hired
Yale Divinity School in general and Kristen J. Leslie specifically should be fired. Either that, or they should be asked what they expected with someone with Ms. Leslie's background coming to review the Air Force School for Wayward Boys and Delinquent Girls at Colorado Springs?

If I can get this in a 2 minute Google, why can't they?

Here is some of Ms. Leslie's


"Writing for Our Lives: Twenty-Five Years of Women Writing in their own 'Languages.'" Reconstructing Pastoral Theology: Under the Influence of Feminist Methodologies and Beyond. (projected publication date July, 1998).

"Sophie's Wisdom: Acquaintance Rape, Relational Theology, and a Redemptive Doctrine of Sin." To be included in a volume of feminist/process theology being proposed and edited by Marjorie Suchocki.

Papers and Presentations

"Acquaintance Rape and a Redemptive Doctrine of Sin" Paper presented at the regional meeting of AAR, San Diego, CA. March 1996.

"Gleaning the Power of Inclusive Language" Paper presented at the annual meeting of National Association of College and University Chaplains, Atlanta, GA. 1990.

And you are shocked that you received negative reports and a pig-pile from AUSCS? Shocked that someone that has ZERO experience with the military but has other axes to grind uses taxpayer money spew such things as,

Gender issues. On the assault course, YPT observed women cadre confronting women BCT cadet trainees. (Challenging verbal confrontation is appropriate to training in the Assault Course environment.) The YPT noted that these verbal critiques were focus on gender rather than on performance as a contribution to the team. This very public and gender-based interaction may contribute to a perpetuation of negative climate and culture. Women Cadre indicated that they were trying to make the trainees “strong and emotionally well-prepared for cadet life.” Chaplains observing these interactions apparently did not recognize these exchanges as inappropriate training.
Go read Hugh again. A Google search on AUSCS. Read their report. The Air Force leadership invited this vampire into their house; they are going to have to deal with it.

Oh, and who should be fired? Start with the co-signer of the memo

MeLinda S. Morton, Ch Capt
1 st Group Chaplain
Practicum Coordinator, BCT II Chaplain Practicum Training: Special Program in Pastoral Care

No. Don't fire MeLinda, deploy her so she can see why we need "strong and emotionally well-prepared" officers to deal with the "negative climate and culture" of having your friends blown into small pieces or burned to death in front of you. "Gender" doesn't mean squat outside of the insulated halls of academia.

One or two things happened here: (1)-No one in a blue Army suit did their homework on Ms. Leslie and YDS, or (2) the people who did bring them in knew exactly what they were bringing in, agreed with the bias coming their way, and wanted this outcome. Either way, the good people in blue better clean house, or they are going to live under a PC anti-religious dictat that will make a
Soviet Political Officer proud.

Air Force Views, ya'll need to work on that ATO we talked about.

UPDATE: This is part 2 of a 3 part serier. Here is Part I and here is >Part III.

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