Monday, May 23, 2005

Britain is lost

I thought the Left's self-hate of history and inability to accept any act of valor that gave them a right to exist was bad in the U.S., but we have more evidence that the Mother Country is slowly killing herself.
ADMIRAL NELSON saw off the mighty Franco-Spanish fleet at the battle of Trafalgar but 200 years on, he has been sunk by a wave of political correctness.

Organisers of a re-enactment to mark the bicentenary of the battle next month have decided it should be between “a Red Fleet and a Blue Fleet” not British and French/Spanish forces.

Otherwise they fear visiting dignitaries, particularly the French, would be embarrassed at seeing their side routed.
Well, screw the French and Spanish. They WERE the aggressors in a war where they supported a murdering megalomaniac hell-bent on creating a super-state based on nothing but his own ego (AKA Napoleon); they were sunk for their vanity, pride, arrogance, and military ineptitude (with some help from an Admiral of unique brilliance).

This battle was a critical victory for Western Civilization in general, and Britain in particular.

Admiral Nelson is not "Bomber Harris." There is nothing arguable about this man or the battle that Britain needs to be sorry about.

What is next? The American Civil War is the "War between Grits and Beans?" WWI the war of "Flag Officers of Feathery Funny Hats and Flag Officers With Spiked Helmets?" WWII the War of the "Blondes and the Brunettes?"
A spokeswoman for the Royal Navy said: “This is an illustration and theatre on water. Nelson is featured, but we are not billing it as Britain versus France . . . This will not be a French-bashing opportunity.”

The battle will be staged in the evening of the international fleet review on June 28. The Queen and senior royals will attend the day’s events and government leaders from 73 countries have been invited.
War is not theater or theatre. Admiral Nelson, HMS Victory, and their men did not give their lives so 200 years later a bunch of self-important spoiled nit-wits could pretend it had nothing to do with the defense of Britain and democratic government against a French despot. The Queen should be ashamed of herself for letting her House be associated by this exercise in self-flagellation and the Church of PC's excretory smear against those who gave more, sacrificed more, and proved more than they and their milque toast buddies can ever imagine.

Will the British version of "Protest Warrior" be there to, in a similar way The Sex Pistols helped the Queen with her Silver Jubilee, raise a spontaneous "Rule Brittania" when the French "leader" comes up to say something froggy? Are there any British patriots left? Sad.

When we turn The Battle of Midway to the Battle of Circles and Stars, I'm going to start learning Arabic and Chinese because I will know that all is truly lost.

Pathetic. Admiral Nelson has a quote that I think very much applies here.

Firstly you must always implicitly obey orders, without attempting to form any opinion of your own regarding their propriety. Secondly, you must consider every man your enemy who speaks ill of your king; and thirdly you must hate a Frenchman as you hate the devil.
-Horatio Nelson

'Nuff said.
Hat tip Andrew Stuttaford at The Corner.

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