Monday, May 09, 2005

"It Sounds balls..." II - Electric Boogaloo

Like I said before, Kingdom of Heaven isn’t getting me to the movie house.

Looks like I am in good company. Beautiful Attrocities has some great reviews. Here are some of my favorites.
UK Telegraph: "If you thought the Crusades were really about
Christians & Muslims being nice to one another, this is the film for

Film Freak
: "Leave it to the liberals to make a film so afraid
to offend that it pisses everybody off." (my favorite)

Phil Villareal: "By the time the slow-motion plot creeps into its
last hour, the film has become a Monty Python-like self satire."

NY Observer: "A tower of politically correct Jello."

Philadelphia Daily News: "The movie threatens to become Dances With Muslims."

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