Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The MSM's distain for the military-The Newsweek Edition

Thank you Newsweek for proving again you and much of the MSM will believe anything too good to check in order to validate your beliefs in the military, this administration and your base belief that this country is as bad as you want it to be. You feel so much better about yourself pointing out how brutish lesser mortals are; you don't care how many people it kills.

This whole "flushing the Koran" event that Newsweek brought us is just another example of how the MSM has a inherent bias, dislike, and misunderstanding of the military.

They don't let the military in their schools. They don't let their children join the military, and they sure don't have many military personnel in their imperfect circle of acquaintances and friends. Because of this intentional disconnect, they do not a real in-depth picture of what makes up the military except for the twisted prism view that comes out of Hollywood, The New York Times, and Vanity Fair. There are no individual members of the military, just cliche freakshow items to look at and be glad you aren't one of them. Because they are not like you, you can do things to them and assume things about them that you wouldn't do to someone you consider your equal or social peer.

The default setting for the MSM is to assume the worst out of the lesser humans that lead and serve in their military. Therefore, Newsweek assumes without any valid proof, that their military would do just about anything horrible thing you can think of. I mean, they saw The Core. What more do you need to know?

Newsweek's apology is just lame. There, another uneducated word from this RedState rube. Lame. The real truth got lost in the aftermath of the blood Newsweek has on their hands and the chaos they mindlessly created.

Anyone that has any knowledge of the cultural love of conspiracy and knee-jerk fatwaism of Radical Islam could have seen this coming.

I think what might be helpful is to demystify the Koran to begin with. First of all, there has to be a billion of the things out there. We are not talking about a single item. The Shroud of Turin, The True Cross, The Holy Grail, The Wailing Wall, or an irreplaceable Buddist monument. We are talking about a copy of a holy book. In a mature, secure, and modern society, is a rumor started by clueless, Leftist, agenda driven media worth all these deaths?

Heck, I even have a Koran. This AM I wandered around thinking "where is my copy that I bought in a souk in Saudi Arabia in 1991?

Ahhhh, there it is in the "Religious Misc" section of the highly disorganized Salamander Library and Thought Machine.

It is in an honored position next to the first Bible I received in 4th grade. Take it out and open it to the place the marker has been in since I bought it. Hmmmmm, wonder what this says?

And I put it back.

Ha: scared ya didn't I. Don't worry, I brushed the dust off my fingers from the pork rinds I was eating before I picked it up.

BTW: In case you are wondering about the card to the right of the picture; that is the "I am a stupid driver and I hope whatever I did doesn't insult Islam or anything" card they gave me when I stepped of the plane in Kuwait in '01. I couldn't drive my "battle Suburban" around the backside of the moon country without it. If you wonder what it says in English, I flipped it over. You can read the high res here.

UPDATE: Andrew McCarthy wrote what I wish I wrote. Must read. On target with secondaries.

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