Friday, November 07, 2008

Take a Powder anti-zionists

Hey! We have the first real no kidding episode of "Take a Powder" a lot earlier than I thought. Cool.

So, who needs to Take a Powder today? Folks from the other side of the fence. All those Anti-Semitic, Anti-Zionist, general Jooooo-hating moonbats from LA to Gaza who invested all that time and money in getting President Elect Obama to the top. You didn't think that just because he hung out with Anti-Zionists when it was a way to get money and influence with the "correct" parts of the left, that when he was elected that, how did some of you say, the Rule of Israel would be over?

Suckers. I have a name for 'ya: Rahm Emanuel.

I disagree with this guy on about 95% of things, but I share one thing with him - a core belief in and support for Israel. I also have to grudgingly respect him for being the hard-nosed SOB that he is; his loyalty, his spine, and the fact that he is very good at what he does.

I will give credit where credit is due: President Elect Obama - you picked a good one - though outside Israeli issues, he won't do my side much good.

If you don't quite know what Rahm Emanuel does to the Anti-Zionists out there - spell his name wrong (teh smart Joooooooo-haters) in google - like this and read a little. Joe should feel a little better too - because some of Obama's friends are, shall we say, a bit from the "drive them into the sea" camp. They are wondering what all went wrong ....

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