Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ben Franklin on Iraq

John covers well Gen (ret.) McCaffrey's memo that got a lot of play at work over coffee last week. Michael Yon adds some more meat to the argument. Greyhawk has been beating the drum as well.

The Salamander boil-down is thus: we have reached the point that few outside GWB, Keane, Petraeus, and those who had confidence in them thought we would have reached. The war is won - though the enemy always gets a vote and history throws sinking curve balls.

In essence, we can disengage while giving the Iraqis a chance few non-Western nations have been given. What has Uncle Sam and his allies given Iraq? One of my personal heroes, Ben Franklin said it best.
"A republic if you can keep it"
So, let's call it victory and go home; because that is what it is.

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