Sunday, November 09, 2008

Obama on LCS

Phil over at MilitaryTimes gives a quick review of the Obama view on LCS and shipbuilding.
“Obama endorses the concept of the Littoral Combat Ship, with its modular design to meet changing needs.”

“However, the process to build the ship was flawed, and indicative of a broader failure in the Navy’s acquisition process. As part of its overall defense reforms, the Obama administration will prioritize fixing the naval acquisitions system. He will also work to maintain the shipbuilding design and industrial bases, and support increased [research and development] for naval forces.”
Not quite "Change You Can Believe In" - but at least he can call a spade a spade; he used the "f" word, as in failure. As to the rest of the squish, I will cut him some slack - you really need to let his team get 9-months to look at the problem.

I'll wait. A good start in a 12-step program to fix out shipbuilding cluster-f....ailure.

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