Thursday, November 13, 2008

Diversity Thursday

What madness can the Diversity Bullies and their ilk foist on otherwise open minded, color blind women out there? What new h311 awaits all who fall in their grasp?

A regular reader sent along an email a friend sent along. I have removed her name to protect her - along with other innocent people. She drops the f-bomb a lot - so for Kristin I will pin in its place "flower." No further comment needed.
Subject: rant
Date: Wed, xx Nov 2008 xx:xx:xx

WARNING RANT AHEAD: for FLOWER sake!!!!!!!!! Here's gov't work at its best... the diversity committee every year puts on a feast for MLK Day during African American month (don't get me started on not having creamy-taupe month). This year they wanted a new campaign. In the past, they've used a horrible grainy photo of MLK and just thrown text around his head. So I did this new campaign based on African colors, MLK quotes, hip design...

I hate flowering committees. So the group all met, and now my campaign looks like I'm advertising the opening of a flowering Mexican restaurant - with purple, red, green, and yellow. wtf?? And I had used a black font in the logo, but apparently they felt that over-represented the black man. Seriously?!?! I'm attaching the logo so you can see what I'm talking about. So I had to them change the text to white. well, then they saw it on white paper (which ALL FLOWERING PAPER IS WHITE), and decided it was then to biased so we need to go back to black. Flower!!!

To which I responded that the purple and green people may be offended... they didn't think that was funny.

So now I have to change the purple and green bars to brown and black to represent... now, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that just as flowering racist as anything?!?
This is why I flowering bang my head against a flowering wall some days!!!!!!!!!
That my dear friends is a Salamander approved woman. Maybe we can date in Re-education Camp in a few years.

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